Bandits, LumberKings may qualify for emergency aid |  Midwest League Baseball

Bandits, LumberKings may qualify for emergency aid | Midwest League Baseball

He said the proposal would cover a void in existing relief efforts.

Theaters that rely on ticket sales for most of the revenue were covered in a previous act, as were companies that rely on the sale of food and beverages for the majority of the revenue.

Although they fit the two categories in many respects, baseball teams in the minor leagues were not eligible to receive aids via any of the previous actions.

Current legislation would close this gap and provide assistance to teams that were strongly influenced and continue to feel the impact despite the fact that in many cases they played shorter 2021 seasons.

– There will be a number of teams that will lose money again in 2021 because many sponsorships and tickets that were sold a year ago were simply rolled over from 2020 to 2021 when last season was canceled, Heller said.

“ So in many respects the situation is still, even though the games have returned and fans are returning to the ball parks this summer. ”

Heller likes that the action will not only cover teams that continue to be part of baseball’s new 120-team development system, but will also help the 43 teams that lost their connection to the major league.

“These teams have been hit just as hard, some of it because of COVID, and some of it not because of COVID, and this action will allow Clinton and Burlington to get some help as well,” Heller said, if Baseball content includes a couple of teams that lost major league affiliation in Billings, Montana and Lowell, Mass. “Help is needed. All of us were affected. ”

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