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Andrew Toles, from Major League Baseball to the intense drama of life - Marseille News

Andrew Toles, from Major League Baseball to the intense drama of life – Marseille News

July 8, 2016 was Dodgers Los Angeles hosted the San Diego Padres at doll Stadium. It was Friday and the festive California weekend mood prevailed.

That day, 43,588 fans visited Dodger Stadium. Each of them was to participate in the debut of a promising youth Dodgers. He had just broken every division in the Minor League. His average was .331, and in 82 games he had borrowed 23 pads and never returned them.

André Toles, his name, he was to debut that night by holding the central meadow and reaching eighth place. He hurried into the action and BJ Upton in the first slogan hit a line in the guard zone to score the shot and give Toles his first pitch as a major league player.

At the end of the second round, it was the 24-year-old rookie’s turn. He met pitcher Andrew Cashner and hit a midfield connection on the first pitch that turned into a double. The Dodgers won 4-3 and his hit represented the opportunity to extend the advantage.

Andrew repeated in the roster throughout July, even in matches he was not a starter on, he had just hit the pinch and was 6-3. He ended the month with an average of .316.

August 22nd may be your favorite date, yes Second may come to remember someone. That day, he hit a grand slam in the ninth round when his team lost 8-6 to the Colorado Rockies.

It seemed that the planets had adjusted for the young and the future in the future MLB I opened the doors to kiss her.

And the Chicago Cubs in the Championship Series would understand why he had come. Second, when he produced them 13-6 and was one of the key pieces even in the defeat to Dodgers. Someone has cataloged the show as a solo show, and that was the guy André Toles.

2017 brought him an injury that led to his surgery in late April, so he spent 2018 most in Oklahoma in search of form from 2016.

I remember at the beginning of the spring training in 2019 when it was announced that all positional players were already at Rancho Cucamonga and only André Toles, much expected of this season, awaiting statement due to personal issues.

Second released in late April. He signaled and was left in extended training to make up for lost time. But I did not intend to return to the major leagues anymore, I would not return to be André Toles, number 90 of Dodgers Angels.

He was later placed on the limitation list, claiming a personal situation as the cause, and the problem was never discussed again.

Second he reappeared in the news in late June 2020. He was arrested for sleeping outside Key West Airport in Florida. Before he was arrested, officers repeatedly asked to stand down and did not respond adequately.

According to his sister, Morgan Toles, a similar incident had recently taken place in Kentucky and earlier in Hong Kong, when US embassy authorities had to intervene after Andrew had spent two months in jail for stealing food in a ward. center.

Andrew has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. It was ultimately the personal problem Andrew left in time that prevented him from continuing his successful major league career.

Neither the player, the man, the young man, man has lost all contact with reality. He went through more than 20 health facilities in the United States, and after a short treatment, he was released. And then it all starts again. The family fought for custody, however Second He should give it up on his own, and it never gets to this point.

For Alvin Toles, his father, who took care of his son by hand and asks God to restore reason every day, even though it may seem crazy, it was good news to know that Andrew had been found. In Key West and imprisoned. The alternative was terrible.

According to Mogan, many nights he hears his father cry, in secret, so that his strength as a father does not seem diminished. The happy summer and autumn days of 2016 are just a memory more than they possibly can be.

Alvin hopes that one day when the Los Angeles Dodgers come to Atlanta, his son can visit them, and maybe the familiar faces will make some sense to him.

On March 13, 2021, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced that they had unilaterally extended his contract with Andrew, placing him immediately on the restrictive list. This gives the player access to health services that are fundamentally important to their delicate situation and family.

Tole’s relationship with Friedman goes beyond the Dodgers. Manager Andrew is the one who selected player Andrew for the Tampa Rays in the third round of the opening draft in 2012. The Dodgers gathered with the Toles family in this tough match.

Alvin has not given up hope that his son, Andrew, No. 90 Los Angeles Dodgers in 2016, will one day return from God’s hand. And that day, there will surely be over 45,000 fans in the stands at Dodger Stadium to applaud his name.

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