All-girls youth baseball teams finish second in the national tournament

All-girls youth baseball teams finish second in the national tournament

All-girls San Diego Mustang’s under-12 baseball team recently returned from a tournament in Aberdeen, Maryland, after finishing second in a tournament hosted by Baseball for All.

The Mustangs lost to the Chicago Scouts in the championship round in the five-day event, which was held at The Ripken Experience. More than 500 girls aged 8 to 19 played on teams in the different age groups.

It was the first time many of the Mustangs players saw so many other girls playing baseball in one place.

“When I played with the boys, I was the only girl on the team,” said Elsa Becher, 12, a student at Parkway Middle School in La Mesa who plays second base and pitcher. “It was exciting to see all the other girls playing baseball.”

Baseball for All was founded by Justine Siegal, whose youth coaches tried to encourage her to play softball instead of baseball. The purpose of a baseball career, she became the first female coach to be hired by a Major League Baseball team, among other things.

“Our organization is not just about girls playing baseball – it addresses the bigger issue of equality in the game,” Siegal said in a statement. “To this day, too many girls are told that they should not (or can not) play baseball because they are girls. When they come to BFA Nationals, many of them realize for the first time that they are not alone, and more importantly that they belong in baseball. ”

Several Mustangs have similar goals in burning a path as they continue their baseball careers.

“I will try to play as long as I can,” said Izzie Dieter, 10, who attends Ashley Falls School and plays Del Mar Little League. “I will try to play in high school, maybe try to get into college, and I will try to play in MLB one day.”

Ellie Seda, 11, who lives in Escondido and plays pitcher and left field, said the Maryland tournament “was a very good experience.”

“Getting to play with other girls was amazing because I did not know that many girls played baseball,” said Ellie. “Baseball is difficult and the boys are always like, girls can not play baseball. They always doubt you. But it was nice to see that there were still girls who kept trying and managed it there and were so good. ”

She added: “We can show people that girls can do the same thing boys can do.”

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