Andennaise first for Belgian baseball

Andennaise first for Belgian baseball

OTHER | The entire “Black Bears” team, the Second Baseball Club, has succeeded in the challenge: to organize the first indoor tournament of “baseball 5”, a kind of street baseball played in teams of 5 players.

The Second Arena, Saturday 9 February, is the excitement! Usually basketball, volleyball or mini football rolls on the floor in the gym. Here’s a little softball for a tournament that makes a great first for the Francophone League for baseball and softball. It will be the joy all day for the 12 teams of a maximum of 8 players participating in the first indoor Baseball 5 tournament in the French community in Belgium, a great success.

“To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we wanted to test an alternative formula to traditional baseball,” says Benjamin Desmet, secretary of the French-speaking baseball and softball league. This is our first indoor baseball tournament 5. “This is a form of street baseball that is played in teams of up to eight players, of which only 5 are on the field. In the classic formula, a team has at least 9 players (alternately on the court and as batsmen) equipped with protection and bats. The land is suitable, there is a square of 18 meters per side (editor’s note: normal land is more than 100 meters per side). Practitioners do not need any specific equipment, gloves or bats. ”

If the choice of date is not random, the place is also explained. “The Andenne Arena is an excellent tool and the ‘Black Bears’ club is growing. Today it has around 70 licensees. Thanks to them and the clubs in Wépion and Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, the province of Namur is now the best represented in the Belgian baseball world. “It is therefore not surprising that City of the Oursons is hosting this great premiere.

“Baseball 5 allows us to train all year round. Currently, our training period ends in September and resumes in March. This indoor formula makes it possible to maintain the level of the teams. But it also allows athletes who wanted to teach our discipline to do so without risk, without exposing too much money. “

And the officials of the French-speaking league had a nice nose. 12 teams, representing 100 players and around 150 support staff. “We wanted to open this event as wide as possible. We had a physiotherapist team, a French team from Reims and another of our friends from the Flemish baseball and softball league. “

In Andenne, children start with beeball from 5 years. “
We can present beeball as psychomotorism adapted to baseball. For adults, as in all clubs, the “Black Bears” deliver the equipment and just ask that we buy the jersey. The annual fee varies from 140 to 240 €. ”
An original and democratic sport.



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