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Alternative baseball in hopes of gaining a foothold in Altoona | News, sports, jobs

The alternative baseball organization for men and women aged 15 and up with a range of developmental disabilities was formed in Georgia in 2016 by Taylor Duncan, who himself has high-functioning autism.

Duncan, 25, began the organization with two teams in Georgia’s Cobb and Paulding counties, and in five years the circuit has expanded to 80 teams in 34 states.

Duncan hopes to bring a team to Altoona, and that process has already begun, but he is still looking for a person to step forward to lead the team.

“I think we’ve got a couple of volunteers responding in Altoona who are willing to do fieldwork like working with the license booths, but we definitely need a leader over there,” said Duncan, who lives in Dallas, Ga. in a recent telephone interview.

“We have made progress in other areas of Altoona, but once we find the honcho head (to steer the team), we will be able to move forward and get more frameworks in place.”

Anyone interested in leading a team in Altoona should log on to the Alternative Baseball Organization’s website at www.alternativebaseball.org. to set up an appointment for treatment.

Players in the alternative baseball organization have disabilities that include, but are not limited to, autism, cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorder, Down syndrome, Asperger’s syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder and fetal alcohol syndrome.

Since many of the players have compromised the immune system, the risk of contracting COVID-19 or COVID complications increases. Therefore, the outbreak of the pandemic across the United States in 2020 largely stopped the alternative baseball organization’s case processing for 2020.

This year, although there is currently no requirement for players and coaches in the organization to be vaccinated against COVID, games, scrimmages and team practices have resumed, with no incidents.

“Games have been played across the country this year, and no one has received COVID,” Duncan said. “We have not had a single case.

“We had a classic celebrity game in Rochester, Minn., Last July where one of our teams played a game against community leaders there to raise awareness of our organization,” added Duncan, who also pointed out that similar events were held in West Virginia, North Carolina and Indiana without the occurrence of COVID cases. “There are no mask mandates for outdoor activities at the moment, but I strongly encourage the use of masks in the excavations. Our managers keep us informed about whether COVID cases occur. ”

Duncan said that in Pennsylvania, the new Chester County team held in the suburb of Philadelphia this year, and a new team was formed in Washington County south of Pittsburgh, with plans to start activities this fall.

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