Aleria: Jeff Sandy, baseball from America to Corsica

Equipped with the club cap and t-shirt, a big smile on his face, Jeff Sandy talks happily about his favorite sport: baseball. In October 2020, he creates the club Aleria in Oriente. “Our nickname is I Pastori, referring to the history of this region”, he emphasizes.

Today it has 68 licensees including 43 children. “It’s less easy to find adults for the senior team”, he apologizes. After several difficult episodes, he managed to establish himself and pass on his knowledge. “I am safe. I have trained parents of students who have become coaches, others have joined the senior team. We are there!”, he exclaims, both proud and full of hope for the future.

Jeff Sandy is the president of Aleria at the Oriente Baseball Club.  - Marie Parra

Since he was eight years old, Jeff Sandy has never stopped playing baseball. Originally from Philadelphia, he moved to Corsica in retirement, along with his wife from the island. “I was wondering what I could do and I found: share my fun in baseball”, he explains enthusiastically.

Near the Xavier-Carlotti Stadium in Aleria, he treads the ground on the future field with envy. “It will be Corsica’s first real baseball field”, he emphasizes proudly. Work on this major project is expected to begin in two weeks. And it’s nothing: a quarter circle of 100 m radius, with the equipment, must be created in mid-October to start the Little League Championship. “It’s amazing. I never imagined it would happen so fast”, smiles Jeff Sandy.

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Construction of the future baseball field should begin within two weeks.  - Marie Parra

“For someone who watches baseball without knowing the rules, it is impossible to understand!”, indicates the ex-pitcher. Jeff Sandy now teaches his discipline at five schools in the region, from Travu to Bravone. He goes to each class once a week to teach them a taste for baseball, a hobby that is often overlooked by children. Nevertheless, it is the second most practiced sport in the world. “Everyone can play there. It’s a position for the smallest, the fastest, the best throwers. Everyone finds their place”, explains Jeff Sandy.

During the inaugurations he performs at the schools, the baseball player also trains sports teachers so that they too can practice baseball with their students. “At Travus school, they even bought materials for an entire class”, he excites.

Over the next few years, Jeff Sandy would like to build an All Stars team that brings together the best players. “One of my dreams has always been to build a team at the national level”, he confides. Today he thrives completely with children, and emphasizes their use and will: “They even ask me how to train at home!”

In February, the club meeting increased. At that time, only outdoor sports were allowed due to Covid-19. Many then fall back on new activities, especially baseball. This is the perfect opportunity for Jeff to promote the sport. Of an optimistic nature, he says he is confident of the future of the club and baseball in Corsica. With a soft and singing accent he smiles: “There’s going to be something!”

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