The MLB boss fears that the season will not happen

a team returns to Cuba with half of its players, a record number of departures

The Cuban baseball team under 23 returned to Havana on Monday with only half of the squad after the departure of 12 of the 24 players who traveled to Mexico for the World Cup, a record.

The Cuban baseball team that finished fourth at the third World Cup in 23 years arrived at dawn in Havana with 12 players, 50% of those who left first.», Wrote on Twitter the specialized sports journalist, Francys Romero, based in the USA.

When the twelve players arrived at the airport, Raul Fornés, vice president of the Sports Institute (India), sent them congratulations. “Go home with your head held high and keep fighting to be Cuban baseball players“, he declared.”Despite the difficulties they faced, the many pressures and the bad blows they received, they managed to raise the flag and fight with gut.“, he added.

In a statement that was read on arrival and then published in the online sports daily Jit, the team members said that they had returned “in the home country with the satisfaction of being true to it, we are grateful for the marks of devotion, trust and support we have received“.

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