Joueur professionnel et entraîneur à Rouen, Keino Perez est venu donner des conseils aux jeunes Dieppois du club des Sharks.

With the Sharks, baseball returns to Dieppe

Professional player and coach in Rouen, Keino Perez came to give advice to the young Dieppois from the Sharks club.
Professional player and coach in Rouen, Keino Perez came to give advice to the young Dieppois from the Sharks club. (© Les Informations Dieppoises)

More than five months without training, it’s a long time!

Emblematic figure of Sharks Baseball Club, in Dieppe, Benoit Piquet always has the date 14 November 2020 in mind.

It’s the day of our last training. Since nothing. So it’s complicated, because already last season had been difficult. In bits and pieces, with a little play, but without championships. As soon as it was made possible, I decided to offer a two-day internship to the young people in the club, and I was surprised by the good participation. This shows that our licensees are still interested in playing baseball and that they are ready to come as soon as an operation is completed.

Benoit PiquetPresident of the Sharks Baseball Club

An undeniable technical contribution

Head of the Sharks Club, Benoit Piquet is also part of the Ligue de Normandie and it is with this function that he explains the start-up of the internships:

The league responds to the club’s request to provide them with coaches, who are also often based at the Rouen club and at the Baseball Academy. In Normandy we are lucky to have an academy that replaced the old France pole, and there are only three in France. These are places that accept high school students or more often college students who have study plans to promote their progression in baseball. In sports, training is led by technical leaders who now come to clubs for an undeniable technical contribution.

Benoît Piquet also jumped at the opportunity and therefore decided to propose a two-day course for members of his club April 19 and 20.

With the change in the dates for the school holidays, the implementation has proved to be a little more complicated, both for the availability of coaches and to prevent young people from becoming redundant.

However, the result is largely positive:

The club has about twenty licensees, and there were between twelve and fifteen young people every day on the course. So it is very good, and thanks to the involvement of those present, a good job has been done. This makes us want to repeat the experience. I want to emphasize the enthusiastic agreement from the city of Dieppe. She even offered equipment or bar numbers in case of rain, but we did not need them since the weather was favorable. It is very important to keep the link to start the club again.

This internship period therefore took place at the Robert-Vain Stadium in Neuville-lès-Dieppe.

On the first day, Benoit Piquet had the pleasure of welcoming Esteban Prioul and Hugo Blondel, two professionals from the Rouen Club.

The first develops as a pitcher and is also the coach for the pole of hope while the second plays as the first base.

The next day is Keino perez who came to give their advice to the young sharks.

The latter has been in France for sixteen years and has known Benoit Piquet for a very long time.

The president of the sharks explains:

I knew him as an excellent player before he became the coach of the Rouen pitchers. He trained in BPJeps, and we never lost sight of each other. It is a pleasure to have him one day in Dieppe, and he will get many of our young people, older and more experienced, to work so that they can improve the cast, a sector that is still our weak point.

During this time, workshops were offered for other trainees, workshops led by Benoît Piquet, his son Léo or by Gabriel Lamouroux, the three regular Sharks coaches.

They have gone through all the basics of baseball, and insisted on certain technical aspects that they do not have time to work on during a “normal” season.

For girls too

For some time, the Dieppe club has mainly based its activities on young people.

Several of them have been present for several years while there is also renewal at each season.

Up to the age of fifteen, baseball can be played in a mixed way, and the Sharks have three hard-working girls.

During a match, nine players are on the field, and Benoit Piquet estimates at fifteen the number of elements needed to develop calmly with substitutes.

It also indicates that tests are always possible, training that usually takes place on Saturdays at Robert-Vain Stadium, with a fall in the hall in case of bad weather.

Those interested can contact Benoit Piquet on 06 19 96 49 34.

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