Will there be a full season in Major League Baseball?

Will there be a full season in Major League Baseball?

A member of the players’ committee, St. Louis Cardinals coach Andrew Miller, is optimistic that Major League Baseball will start a full season in time in 2021, despite the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the schedule unveiled five months ago, the training camps will begin on February 27, while the campaign will start on February 1.is April. However, many are still skeptical about the implementation of this plan. According to a survey conducted by the website The Athletic among 25 people who work in the major leagues, 20 of them believe that the regular schedule can not be presented in its entirety. The issues related to the vaccination of employees, access for fans to stadiums and the workload of players deterred some.

However, that does not stop Miller from expecting the best.

“Although I think the effect of coronavirus will still be known in 2021, I’m sure we can play 162 games,” he told the same source. I think we have a much better understanding of COVID-19 compared to March. And the successes of the latest campaign, despite the obstacles, give me hope that we can get through a full timeline. “

The players’ association and the league also continue to discuss issues that may represent a node in the project. The launch program believes that both parties will find the solutions.

“I cross my fingers and hope the worst is behind us,” he said. The light points towards the end of the tunnel. We just have to get there. ”

In 2020, the major leagues held a season with 60 games per club with playoffs with several clubs, but COVID-19 positive cases and significant outbursts within a few troops forced their leaders to change the schedule. .

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