We all need a hug and World Series baseball season

We all need a hug and World Series baseball season

Tea New York Yankees and the whole world has been suffering for some time now with the ever-present coronavirus pandemic. This article does not address this or that effect on sports and the Yankees. We have all had our life disrupted by the fear virus for ten months now. Months of wearing masks, staying away from the crowds and washing everything in sight. We all need relief, so today this inactive fantasy mind has decided to look at what a 2021 baseball season for Yankee fans might look like.

Before the season started, the Yankees were slow to make any moves to improve the team as they waited for DJ LeMahieu to sign again with the team. The team lasted until ten days before the start of the spring, when DJ signed a four-year contract worth 100 million dollars. With slower than usual offseason for free agents, there were still players available. Just two days after the DJ signed, the New York Yankees announced that they had just signed Yadier Molina to a $ 8 million one-year deal with a team option for 2022. It was a move that proved beneficial as he guided Gary Sanchez through whole season with satisfactory results.

New York Yankees fans had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity for baseball. They figured it would be a 162 game season with a limited number of fans in the stands at the start of the Yankees season. Although MLB allowed fans in the stadium, it was up to each place to set the rules. New York Governor Cuomo set a 40% limit for both the Yankees Stadium and City Field for the first two months of the season, a wait and move while determining the success of the vaccine.

Finally, it was February 27, the day pitchers and catchers report for spring training. In an unusual move, the YES Network set up special programming to cover the pitchers and the first training day of the catch and provide footage for the YES program Yankees Magazine. They had the pitchers lined up on the third baseline and the prisoners on the first baseline to start the program. Of course Michael Kay and John Sterling. was there along with all the other Yankee dignitaries. Hal was not there, but the representative of the family was George’s daughter Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal.

Michael and John took turns introducing the Yankee prisoners; their backs were to the camera until they were introduced, then they turned to the camera. But when it was time to introduce the pitcher’s general manager Brian Cashman, he went up to the podium and asked for the microphone. He stood still for a moment and said, “For our first pitcher, I want to introduce Yankees fans to Cory Kluber.” The Yankees had signed clubs during the night. Clubs boarded a plane and arrived at Steinbrenner Field just 20 minutes before the broadcast. Clubs received a $ 22 million three-year contract from the Yankees.

Yankee fans around the world were happy that the team wanted help pitching behind the ace Gerrit Cole. The spring training continued with little incident. During the spring, however, Yankee fans learned that Miguel Andujar had been traded to the Cleveland Indians for a minor league catcher, outfielder and a player who was named later. During the last show games, the Yankee starting rotation was released, it would be Gerrit Cole, Domingo German, Cory Kluber, Jordan Montgomery and Deivi Garcia.

Finally it was here April 1st, opening day. The New York Yankees opened at home against the Houston Astros. With restrictions to collect the most promise, Yankee fans filtered 18,000 strong into the stadium. To celebrate the occasion, the Yankees are offered a Yankee hood, a hot dog and a soda for just $ 2.

The traditional message from Bob Shepard was welcomed to Yankee fans at the stadium: “Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Yankee Stadium.” When Yankee believers heard their voices through recordings, both cheered wildly as tears of joy flowed. After a short break, husband consultant Paul Oden welcomes and announces the opening day celebration. As part of the opening day celebration, the West Point Glee Club sings the national anthem as a formation of F-15 jets from Westover Airbase flies over Yankee Stadium with a ruffling Olympic-sized American flag donating the field.

There is a podium set up on the home base. Michael Kay takes the podium and introduces Yankee big Bernie Williams.

The audience starts cheering “Bernie” “Bernie” when the audience goes to bed, Williams gives an emotional speech that sums up the whole world and the team has gone through this difficult time. At the end of his speech, he says, “Let’s play ball,” to the roar of the game’s hungry audience. As the cheering fans began to settle down, PA announced Derek Jeter who threw out the first pitch to Yankee catcher Jorge Posada, and the crowd erupted again.

The players for both teams took to the baselines. Through the speech system, the Astros players were announced, the audience was eerily quiet. Saw each of the Yankees who were all healthy and ready to beat the Astros. Then the game started when Jose Altuve was announced. The loudest noises ever heard at Yankee Stadium bounced off the River Avenue buildings. PA warned Yankee fans to throw something on the field. Starting pitcher Gerrit Cole was expected by fans to pray Altuve with a wild pitch, but it did not happen; instead, he knocked him out on three lanes, much to the delight of Yankee fans.

The match ended after eleven rounds, with Gerrit Cole who had a complete game on 118 courses. At the bottom of the eleventh round, and with the bases loaded with the Yankees, first baseman Luke Sees went to the record. That said, the bases were loaded, and reliever Roberto Osuna had the Yankees down lately. Sees swung on the first two lanes missing both; down to the last strike, Luke swung and blew one into the Astros bullpen for a 5-1 Yankee walk-off win.

The New York Yankees played great ball during April and May. It seemed like it was going to be a season where Cole and Kluber for the most wins, just like the Mantle Maris race for most home races in 1961. With a two month start, they were neck and neck with identical records of 9 -2, even though Cole had lower ERA. Domingo German had the only complete finish in the young season. Clarke Schmidt joined the rotation at the end of May when Jordan Montgomery sprained his shoulder.

The Yankees suffered few injuries; However, Aaron Judge was unfortunately at IL with a wrist injury when Ray’s Tyler Glasnow hit him with a pitch. With just two weeks to go until the All-Star break, Luis Severino returned to replace the injured Jordan Montgomery. The New York York Yankees were 52 and 24. Surprisingly, Deivi Garcia was the Yankees’ leading pitcher; he alone was 11-5. Luke Voit and Giancarlo Stanton were tied for most home runs with 18 pieces; Gleyber Torres found the form to hit 12 with Gio Urshela right behind with 11 long balls.

At the end of the season, the Yankees won the East Division with six games over the Tampa Bay Rays. Giancarlo leads the team with 39 home runs. DJ LeMahieu again led the entire baseball with a 338 stroke average. Most surprising were the seven home races for Tyler Wade with 13 stolen bases this season. In the final game of the season, Mike Ford struck a walk-off victory against the Detroit Tigers.

The Toronto Blue Jays won the berth in the Wild Card game. But the Yankees rolled over them two straight games. Nine days later, the Yankees’ ALCS against the Chicago White Sox won four games against three. In the ALCS, Aaron Judge hit four home runs, two in the last winning game. This set the stage for the Yankees to face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. In game one, Gerrit Cole lost to Clayton Kershaw 12-7. The Yankees came back with Severino winning game 2 3-2. The Dodgers won the next two games. Jordan Montgomery beat Game 5. It was his best game of the season. He went seven innings with a hit ball. The Yankees won 1-0.

Match 6 was another elimination game; with Deivi Garcia on the mound, he went six innings and gave up just two hits, one a homer to Mookie Betts. Luis Cessa threw a pointless seventh followed by a pointless eighth by Chad Green set up Aroldis Chapman to close out the game for the Yankees. Chapman gave up a homer to catcher Will Smith, but the Yankees came back at the bottom of the ninth. Pitchhitter Mike Tauchman hit a home run in the park, his first in his career for the Yankee 4-2 victory.

October 29 marked the final day of the World Series with the Dodgers and Yankees tied for three games each. Gerrit Cole was to start for the Yankees, and Kershaw met him again. It was not an exciting day for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Gerrit Cole did what he was hired for; he went eight laps and threw 121 lanes, giving only three hits and no runs. The score was 1-0, and Yankee fans sat on their hands and waited to see who would close against the upcoming Mookie Betts. When Fox Network returned from the commercial, Zack Britton was on the mound. In an attempt to take no prisoners, Britton knocked out the side, and the Yankees won their 28th World Cup.

EmpireSpotsMedia.com columnist William Parlee is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research. Follow me on Twitter @parleewilliam.

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