Sébastien Rivest at the helm of the Pirates

Sébastien Rivest at the helm of the Pirates

Laval Pirates has announced the appointment of Sébastien Rivest as head coach of the Laval elite junior team.

He will replace Mathieu Granger who made the decision to join the Royal de Repentigny in the same functions at the end of last season.

Sébastien Groulx, CEO of Pirates, believes that the arrival of Rivest will be able to promote the formation of Île Jésus and bring it to the highest peaks.

“He has twenty years of experience as head coach or assistant coach for teams at the outstanding level and junior elite level,” he said in a press release. I anticipate good years in the future. We have a group of young players and veterans who want to continue together. ”

The Pirates’ goal is still to win the Quebec Elite Junior Baseball League Championship.

“I was looking for a challenge that could allow me to have a balance between family, professional and baseball life,” explains the new head coach. […] The organization is strong and stable administratively, and there is a large group of players who are able to do many good things on the ball field. “

For the organization, the next few weeks will be devoted to forming a group of assistants.

Remember that Pirates finished third overall in LBJEQ in 2020. It was the organization’s best season in 10 years with a winning percentage of .682.

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