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Washington Nationals' Trea Turner tests positive for COVID-19 ...
Washington Nationals' Trea Turner tests positive for COVID-19 ...

Washington Nationals’ Trea Turner tests positive for COVID-19 …

Trea Turner singlet, took third on a single by Juan Soto, and then scored on Josh Bell’s three-run home run at the top of the first round of yesterday’s 6-4 win at the Philadelphia Citizens Bank Park, but Citizens of Washingtonshortstop left dugout after crossing the plate, and he was briefly replaced when the club took the pitch at the bottom of the first. With Turner mentioned in rumors all day, the first questions were whether he had been traded or injured, even though there was nothing obvious on the court, and there were quick reports that he had not been treated, so?

The Nationals’ PR team posted a note on Twitter a short while later:

It was not just fans and journalists who wondered if Turner had been traded when he first left the game.

“I do not know, there are a lot of rumors flying around, so it was like: ‘Oh, dang, what happened? “” Said Erick Fedde after starting the second game of four with Phillies.

“And after the game, I guess I found out what really happened, so unfortunate for us and for him, but hopefully there is nothing serious about his health.”

Of course, Fedde tested positive for COVID-19 in May, after he had been vaccinated, and he spent time in quarantine before finally returning to the rotation.

National skipper Davey Martinez declined to comment when asked directly if Turner has been vaccinated in his post game Zoom conversation with journalists.

“I can not comment on that,” the manager said.

But before asking if the team was tested on Monday, Martinez said, “… yes, so for the vaccinated people, we are not tested just because of the protocol. Like I said, this is something that honestly just took us by surprise, and we have to follow MLB protocols. ”

Martinez said the club did not receive the news until the middle of the opening frame.

“I found out right after he scored, I had to draw – protocol, I had to pull him straight out of the game,” he explained.

“So he goes in, and because of the protocol he has to be isolated right away, and now he’s being tested, and from there we’ll see what happens.”

His first reaction to the news?

“Right there and then I try to win a baseball game,” Martinez said. “We just keep playing and playing hard. And like I said, the guys again, as you’ve seen, they stayed in the game and they played hard, and we played well, and we ended up winning the ball game. “

Washington Nationals vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Photo by Mitchell Leff / Getty Images

Turner did not feel ill, and no close contacts were identified, so no one else should be quarantined, if you are looking for the silver lining in this unfortunate news.

“[Turner] played the game, started the game as normal, and as I said, the first time I heard about it, the protocol is to get him out and get him isolated as soon as possible, ”said Martinez.

Fedde, who has been through this process, said he is sure Turner is shocked and has questions he wants answered.

“I can not speak for him, but I know I was just shocked to be well,” he said.

“Trea led us off, and rounded the bases, looked good, and that’s just one of those things. I’m sure he felt the same way and just wanted answers – honestly answers you can not get to where you got it and how it happened. ”

Juan Soto, who hit a 3-run HR that ended up being the difference in the Nationals’ win over the Phillies, said he too was confused when Turner originally left the game.

“When we see it, we’re just thinking about the trade deadline, and we’re just saying, ‘Okay, now let’s keep playing baseball. “”

“We had to keep playing baseball,” Soto continued.

“At the end of the day, this is a business, we know what date we are, and this is going to happen to some of the guys, I hope not, but that’s what it is, we just have to be ready and keep playing baseball. ”

Soto said he had no personal concerns after learning the news at Turner.

“Not at all. I’m still negative. We’re just watching at the end of the day, we just have to keep playing baseball, and I’m glad I’m still here.”

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