Ventiseri: Travus school group is also the baseball school

The green square, more accustomed to the rugby players’ male earrings, does not hide its happiness. If this communal ground could express itself, it would call to witness the high poles that were meant to receive the oval balloon to announce the satisfaction. Which ? Receiving for several weeks already the primary classes of the school group of Travu Ventiseri for crazy baseball games.

During the weeks of practice, the strikes become more and more secure.  - Patrick Bonin

At the initiative of this sports practice in school, the teaching staff and the important educator Jeff Sandy. As a pilgrim traveling in the countryside, from city to city, the tireless American saves neither his time nor the trouble of making this sport known on the Eastern Plain. “Football is the most played sport in the world, and do you know which one is the other? “Jeff asks. Well, it’s baseball, not in Europe, that’s for sure, but we in the Eastern Plain, we’ll put this sport on the podium. assures the sports educator with a big smile.

A growing mania

In the field, leaders and teaching staff are organized from kl. 09.00. Nothing is left to chance, and the equipment placed in the four corners of the large rugby field is distributed to the students. Baseball bats and reception gloves quickly equip boys and girls under the fun and benevolent gaze of one of their teachers: “I am a teacher in CM1 and CM2 and am very happy to be able to offer children, on weekly slot machines with three hours of outdoor sports, the opportunity to play baseball. Jeff is motivating and knew how to convince us and transmit this flame that transforms him into a true ambassador for this practice that comes from across the Atlantic. So we bought, with the help of the municipality, almost 1000 € equipment, gloves, bases, a tee to put balls and bats.“, comments Erika.

The students in the primary classes in Travu like to practice baseball.  - Patrick Bonin

The teacher, returning to his supervisory position, deftly throws the little white ball at the drummer. It will not take long to drive her to a good distance, and thus let his team take all the phases of the game and advance on the bases to victory.

If the children were initiated at the very beginning of the adventure, they are today able to compete as a team and play entire matches to the great delight of Jeff Sandy. “Between Bravone and Ventiseri, almost 400 children introduced this sport, and today, having understood all the techniques, they are able to lead complete phases of the game. In Ventiseri, they will train baseball all year round as a sports discipline within the school. And I expect this example to be followed by other school groups on the eastern plain. “ At the end of a busy sports day, all the children present received as a reward a small trophy in memory of this sporting sequence before the summer holidays, a very nice gift offered by the association “I Pastori Aleria in Oriente”.

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