Vanessa Riopel développera le baseball féminin au Québec

Vanessa Riopel to develop baseball for women in Quebec

Adopted Victoriavilloise Vanessa Riopel has found a high-level challenge within the Baseball Quebec organization. In fact, she accepted the position of coordinator for development and women’s leadership.

Together with Baseball Quebec, the mission will be to increase the proportion of girls who play baseball. Currently, only 10% of Quebec players are girls. The goal will be to increase their representation among the players, referees, coaches or even the goal scorers, but also the performance of the players. “This is the first federation to open a full – time position for women’s sports. It is very big for women’s sports. I hope other unions follow suit. I am very honored to be the successful candidate. […] Not all little girls are comfortable playing with boys, so we want to work on projects to make them see that the sport is available to everyone. We are more advanced in 2021, ”commented Vanessa Riopel.

To achieve the goals, various mechanisms must be put in place by the former Laurier Junior color carrier and his new acolytes. A provincial female league is especially in the tube. “The first step will be to create a baseball league for women at the provincial level. I will monitor that. Right now there are girls’ teams, but they are playing against the boys. What we want is a full league of referees and coaches. Boys are welcome in the management. The goal is not to exclude men. The goal is really to offer a league where girls can develop without necessarily playing at too high a level. We want them to just be able to play sports with each other. ”

It should also be mentioned that baseball for women is going in the right direction. In the last years playing, around 2015, Vanessa Riopel claims that there were a hundred players. Today there are almost 3000 players. “It has developed strongly. We must continue to develop it, because 3000 players is not enough yet. We want to reach even higher numbers. ”

A high level experience

As a player, Vanessa Riopel, a pitcher, had a long and successful career at the provincial and international level for a dozen years. She was especially lucky to participate in the Pan American Games, the World Cup, and she even played one season in Australia. She therefore understands the problems in the women’s baseball world and will be able to promote success. “To be an international athlete, you need great discipline and be responsible in our choices. Our experience is not just about playing baseball. There are gains, losses, poor performances and more. I really have a huge experience in this universe, so I’m able to know what I’m talking about, because I’ve been through it. I want to share it and I want to be there to support people in this industry. ”

The mother of three children and an employee at Claretian College, Vanessa Riopel, will also continue to work within the school, but part-time.

Since Baseball Quebec’s headquarters are located at the Olympic Stadium, the native of Repentigny will have the chance to have her own office when she needs to go to Montreal. “I dreamed of being the first girl to develop into Expos. I quickly realized it was not possible, but there, it’s like going back in time. I want to go back to the Olympic Stadium and have my own office there. It’s really special. It will not be immediate with COVID-19, but whenever possible I will go there once or a few times a week. “

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