Vanessa Hudgens has fallen for a baseball player

Vanessa Hudgens has fallen for a baseball player

Ten months after breaking up with Austin Butler, with whom she was in a relationship for almost nine years, Vanessa Hudgens has a new husband in life. The lucky winner is African-American baseball player Cole Tucker, 24.

On Saturday, November 21, 2020, the 31-year-old American actor was seen, hand in hand, with the young athlete, during a romantic date, in Los Angeles, according to the website Justjared. Very loving with her new sweetheart, Vanessa held him in her arms while she waited for the officer to bring them the vehicle after eating at a restaurant.

The next day, the American star confirmed to fans Instagram that she had met someone while posting a picture of her holding a flower, during her romantic dinner with Cole. “Date night”, she wrote in the caption.

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