USA: hit by a ball, a baseball referee collapses

USA: hit by a ball, a baseball referee collapses

The job as an arbitrator is not easy. On Wednesday, September 15, the New York Mets met the Saint-Louis Cardinals for a Major League Baseball (MLB) match. The game is in full swing until one of the referees receives a perverted bullet in the face.

Right after the player’s bat One from New York, Cardinals player Edmund Sosa catches the ball and returns it immediately to his teammate. The pass is missed, it ends up on the referee, Junior Valentine. She comes with such force on her head that he collapses on the spot.

More fear than injury for Junior Valentine who gets up a few seconds later and continuesjudge the match, face a little bloody. “He was examined and have not broken bones“, declared his team leader to our colleagues from TMZ. “It seemed that the blood stopped quite quickly, fortunately, and he was determined that he was well.”

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