Trio of Bassett Baseball Players Commit to College Programs |  High School

Trio of Bassett Baseball Players Commit to College Programs | High School

“I love the people out there, especially my coach,” Barnes said. “I really could not have asked for a better group of boys.”

“He’s been a leader,” Tuggle said. ‘I’ve been following Trever since he was little. Now he makes a career out of it, and goes on for another four years. To earn a nice place on Lynchburg’s staff. ”

Barnes was joined during the ceremony by fellow senior Cade Varner, who pledged to continue his baseball career at Emory & Henry College.

Varner plans to study physiotherapy at E&H, which together with the quality of the school’s baseball program played a major role in Varner choosing the wasps.

“I know the coaches very well,” said Varner. “When you see what they’re doing, there’s a great atmosphere up there.”

Varner said signing a baseball game in college has been a lifelong dream.

‘It’s been my whole life. Since I picked up a bat, it’s what I dreamed of, so it’s great to live it out, Varner said. ‘It’s been great. I do not regret anything. It has been a lot of hard work day in and day out. “

“Cade has done a fantastic job over the last four years in the program to lead by example,” Tuggle said. “To show up every day, give 100 percent at all times, and really be something that the younger children can look up to by leading by example every day.”

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