Topps throws baseball cards in NFT

Topps throws baseball cards in NFT

NFTs are invading all areas, so much so that even Panini’s American counterpart is getting started and offering virtual maps.

Topps throws baseball cards in NFT
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The madness of NFT also invests in the sport. Mens en tenniwoman only auctioned his arm, it’s Topps’ turn to go into the dance. If you do not know Topps, that’s fine. Based in New York, this American company is known to be one of the largest manufacturers of trading cards related to sports. But if the historical firm is talking about it at the moment, it’s because it’s just given up on the madness of NFTs, these digital certificates of authenticity. Topps is launched this year a unique collection of virtual cards in the figure of the great American baseball players. From April 20, collectors will be able to get hold of these items. “Digitally enhanced and creatively reinvented”.

Specifically, owners will be able to take advantage of cards that are similar to their physical counterparts on several levels, but with themed backgrounds and 3D team cubes. The first 10,000 people who sign up for the email alert will be able to receive a special package for free. These NFTs will be available via WAX blockchain, which had already been used for the Garbage Pail Kids collection a few weeks ago.

What about France then?

In our green regions, it does not appear that the NFTs are attracting crowds yet. However, if Topp’s efforts prove to be a winner, many companies in the sector can follow suit. We are obviously thinking of the Italian publisher Panini, which still today publishes many cards bearing the figure of football players. Furthermore, the company would have every interest in taking the step when Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT Sorare sold for almost $ 300,000 March last year. Will the NFT sign the death warrant for excursions on Sunday morning in Tabac-Presse? Only time will tell.

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