Palais de justice de Saint-Malo

Three teenagers were introduced to judge after hammer and knife fighting

Three young people aged 16 and 17 were presented to a judge in Saint-Malo on Monday 8 February for an indictment for intentional violence with a weapon. For one of the three, the eldest, a declaration of commitment was required. A fourth young man is still at large.

Brawl over an unpaid scooter

On Saturday night, these young people left Rennes for Saint-Malo to fight against Saint-Malo. “about a scooter bought but not paid for“, specifies the indictment against Saint-Malo. The commotion was fierce, the protagonists were armed with hammers, baseball bats and knives. The match left three injured on the Saint-Malo side. One of them was taken to hospital for a few hours. He has 21 days with ITT.

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