News The Walking Dead: first image of a flashback of...

The Walking Dead: first image of a flashback of Negan and Lucille

When the Savior’s killer was a loving man … and his wife was not a baseball bat!

We know that the sequel to season 10 of The wanderers died will largely be centered on Negan, his relationship with Maggie, back in camp, and his troubled past. The series will especially look back on his life before the zombie crisis. We get to see how Negan was with his wife Lucille, as he later called his famous baseball bat …

And the actor Hilarie burton has just uploaded a first unpublished photo that we find her in the arms of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Burton, who is also the actress’ wife in the city, was chosen to play Negan’s late wife in Go dead. And according to this shot, a real passion united the two.

The fans had already had a very bpreview of Lucille in a first teaser published in November last year.

The 6 bonus episodes of season 10 of The wanderers died begins airing Sunday, February 28 on AMC and in France on OCS.

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