Maybe Baseball Free Agency is getting started now that George Springer has signed - CBS Boston

Maybe Baseball Free Agency is getting started now that George Springer has signed – CBS Boston

By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – A great baseball free agent has finally signed on. Let’s hope that George Springer’s reported deal will serve as a springboard for the rest of the MLB-free agency to get up and get started, because this has been a boring offseason.

To say that the market has been slow to materialize would be unmistakable how boring an offseason it has been in baseball. But that kind of goes with the rest of the game – slow and boring. According to ESPN, only 21 of the 181 free agents this season had reached an agreement before Tuesday.

But better late than never, we guess, and now the teams can look at the $ 150 million six-year deal that Springer reportedly received from the Toronto Blue Jays and get their own offseason wheeling and trade started. Springer’s deal must have been music to the ears of free agents like Trevor Bauer and JT Realmuto, who are both waiting for their own $ 100 million dollar pacts.

Closer to home, hopefully the Red Sox will finally do something this season. Chaim Bloom and the Red Sox are far from the only team to take a slow approach to this season, but it would be nice to see something done. Or at least something that could affect the Major League club.

The fact that it was an outside player to sign the first big deal in the low season is important for Boston. The Red Sox are waiting to see what free agent Jackie Bradley Jr. will do. will get through offers, and these offers should start mixing in now that Springer is out of the market. The Red Sox are reportedly still interested in bringing the smooth-fielding outfielder back, but they are unlikely to overdo it. The Houston Astros suddenly need a midfielder, and have been linked with Bradley Jr. in recent months.

There have also been many trade rumors surrounding Andrew Benintendi, although they appear to have cooled in recent days. They could warm up again after teams missed Springer.

There is no guarantee that the Red Sox will make any of this substance out of season. So far, they have added the musty Matt Andriese and brought back Martin Perez, a move that will not move the needle for a team that went 24-36 last season.

But perhaps when things are first cooked elsewhere, Bloom will see his chance to crack down on what he has planned.

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