The Philadelphia-Area Estate 10 times the size of the city's baseball stadium is asking for $ 38.25 million

The Philadelphia-Area Estate 10 times the size of the city’s baseball stadium is asking for $ 38.25 million

A private property in the Philadelphia area 10 times the size of the city’s baseball stadium has hit the market for $ 38.25 million.

The 222-acre property, known as Rock Hill Farm, was built on Monday and became the most expensive home for sale not only in greater Philadelphia, but throughout Pennsylvania.

The property is in the center of three scenic roads that run through Chester County, approximately 30 minutes from the city.

The connection is centered on a colonial-style stone mansion built in 1900 and located between fields and woods cut by hiking trails, according to licensing agent Jack Aezen of Compass. Mr. Aezen markets the house along with compass agent Lavinia Smerconish.

“I know this is corny, but it’s like being in the movie ‘The Sound of Music,'” Mr. Aezen said. “You feel like you’re in a place that is so beautifully preserved and loved so well.”

Proof: The owners recently donated $ 1 million to the main house.

In addition to the manor house with 10 bedrooms, there are five additional cabins scattered around the property, and which today serve as housing for employees. Although they could easily host children and grandchildren as part of a family vacation, Mr. Aezen said.

Many of the cabins are historic stone structures in their own right, including one that has ties to the remarkable Pennsylvania Quaker Benjamin Cox, an original owner of the farm, according to the listing.

The home was last traded in 1985 and sold to a grandson of Campbell’s inventor of heated soup John T. Dorrance, Sr., for an undisclosed sum, according to records available through PropertyShark. The home hits the market after the owner’s death earlier this year at the age of 82. The surviving spouse could not be reached for comment.

Moderate farming on the property these days includes an apple orchard, a chicken farm and many greenhouses.

“There are no corn or tomato fields, or anything like that,” Aezen said. Although there are two large barns and diesel supply, the property will be well suited for horses or livestock.

In the meantime, there is plenty of rest and respite among the paths and roads that cross the property. They lead to an open cottage overlooking a koi pond and a history book stone bridge that crosses Crum Creek, a protected waterway in Pennsylvania that divides the property.

The seller is also offering the property in two packages, one for a little over $ 20 million and the other for $ 17.7 million, said Mr. Aezen, adding that the area has seen a major flight to Philadelphia’s more rural collar counties in the midst of the pandemic. .

“We have mostly had an emigration out of the city like anywhere in the country, and we have a great shortage of stock,” he said. “What is unique about this property is that anyone who wants a family association in the Philly area will not find this area anywhere.”

Philadelphia Magazine first reported the new listing.

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