Baseball returns to Montreal: Legault government accused of serving "billionaire friends"

Baseball returns to Montreal: Legault government accused of serving “billionaire friends”

Instead of worrying about the common good, the Legault government has the interests of a handful of billionaires at heart by planning to support the construction of a baseball stadium in Montreal, the opposition parties apologize.

“If the government wants to spend money, there is a lack of social housing, kindergartens, hospitals that Maisonneuve-Rosemont needs to rebuild. It would be obscene to go for a Youppi-style patent. We should have had our lesson with these professional beggars for subsidies, says Quebec Solidarity member Vincent Marissal.

And it is not just those in solidarity who are opposed to public assistance to support the return of baseball in the major league to Montreal.

Enrico Ciccone.  Deputy Chairman

Picture Simon Clark

Enrico Ciccone. Deputy Chairman

The left in Quebec is of the same opinion: The Minister of Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, does not need to “help his billionaire friends to build a stadium”, thunders Enrico Ciccone.

“It will not go over to the people,” he said.

“The economic recovery, it does not go through public money in a stadium,” the member adds to Marquette.

At PQ, we are also wondering about the priorities of the Legault government. Although there are “great needs in infrastructure and in labor at schools and hospitals”, it is not time to put public money in a stadium, he said.

The three parties reacted to the resignation of Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon. The interview at Newspaper, he had revealed Saturday for having “high-level discussions” with Claridge, Stephen Bronfman’s investment firm.

The idea is to build a stadium in Peel Basin, Montreal, to host some of the Tampa Bay Rays games.

– The government is ready to do something. Whether this will be enough for Bronfman’s group has not yet been decided. But it is an interesting project, “said Fitzgibbon.

Fitzgibbon specified on Monday that an “economic implication must be conditioned by economic benefits greater than investment”.

Mr. Marissal, whose constituency is located next to the Olympic Park, is much more committed to renovating the stadium.

“We have to replace the 60,000 benches, the lighting system, we have to make it less energy-intensive, it is a great project there, we have to revitalize the whole sector. It’s frustrating to see that the big business is never considering east of Montreal. As if it were a remote and wildly inhospitable area, “he said.

In Montreal, the question of public funding also caused candidates to react in the middle of a municipal election.

For Valérie Plante, there is “no doubt” about putting a penny from the taxpayers in a stadium.

Coderre avoided taking a stand. He believes residents “do not want” to hear about it when they try to get out of the pandemic.

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