The murder of Magali Blandin: tragic end for her husband, who killed her with a baseball bat

The murder of Magali Blandin: tragic end for her husband, who killed her with a baseball bat

The murder of Magali Blandin: tragic end for her husband, who killed her with a baseball bat

From her native Normandy, she longed for a much more exciting life. Tired of butter, cider and cows, settling in Paris has changed her life … Feels closer and connected to all her favorite stars that hardly anyone in her Normandy knows … Except for Amandine Petit of course, Miss Normandy and Miss France !

Charged with the murder of his wife Magali Blandin, Jérôme Gaillard had been in custody for seven months. The latter hanged himself on Monday, November 1, 2021, reported by BFMTV.

He was the main suspect in the case murder of Magali Blandin, and admitted to killing her with a baseball bat. Jérôme Gaillard committed suicide this Monday, November 1, 2021, as BFMTV reveals it, confirms sources.

Magali Blandin’s husband – charged with murder and remanded in custody for seven months – hanged himself in jail. However, the man was under close surveillance, with medical and psychological surveillance since he arrived at the prison. The rounds were frequent to avoid a tragedy such as a suicide. Jérôme Gaillard managed to escape these rounds and ended his life.

42 years old, a specialized educator and mother of 4 children, Magali Blandin had become the target of being killed for her husband on the day she made the decision to leave him. She had left home in September 2020 when the couple was going through a divorce. A very heated discussion had forced her to pack her suitcase.

Reported missing on February 11 in Montfort-sur-Meu (Ille-et-Vilaine), Magali Blandin was found on March 20 near Rennes, lifeless. Her body could have been located after her husband confessed to killing her with a baseball bat. Nearly everything to eliminate his wife, Jérôme Gaillard had tried to hire Georgian contract killers to execute his wife in exchange for the sum of 20,000 euros. The macabre project failed and Magali Blandin’s husband did it himself, supported by his parents, Jean and Monique Gaillard, who was charged with attempted complicity in spousal homicide and complicity in spousal homicide.

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