The Montreal Baseball Project is not inactive

The Montreal Baseball Project is not inactive

The unveiling of a real estate project in Peel Basin devoid of a potentially large baseball stadium caused some controversy yesterday, but according to columnist and baseball analyst Rodger Brulotte, it does not mean that the plan to bring a team back to Montreal is a fall in the water.

Because at the same time, Tampa Bay Rays owner Stuart Sternberg, remains definitely interested to organize shared custody between Montreal and Florida.

“Before negotiations between Tampa and the Montreal group reach an agreement, it is very difficult to include the baseball stadium in a real estate project,” Rodger observed on Wednesday to “JiC”.

But according to him, there is definitely a “plan B” on the promoter side that includes a brand new ball stadium.

Furthermore, the antennas of our specialist capture the fact that discussions continue between the Montreal group led by businessman Stephen Bronfman and the Rays organization.

“The negotiations have never been so advanced and so intense,” he said.

And what’s more, “in Tampa there is no discussion of a new stadium while in Montreal, they continue, and in an intense way,” Rodger assured.

Watch his full speech in the main video.

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