the mayor of Wingen-sur-Moder threatened with a baseball bat for an unused mask

the mayor of Wingen-sur-Moder threatened with a baseball bat for an unused mask

A forty-something is being tried this Thursday, April 22, by the court in Saverne for threatening Christian Dorschner, the mayor of Wingen-sur-Moder. On Wednesday morning, April 21, after a reflection on the use of the mask, the man had waved a baseball bat in front of many witnesses.

It is a surreal scene that is attended by “many witnesses” yesterday morning, in the heart of Wingen-Sur-Moder (Bas-Rhin). The mayor of the city, Christian Dorschner, was attacked by a man in his forties. The latter, without appreciating a reflection on the part of the councilor, did not hesitate to swing a baseball bat.

“I went into a bakery to buy bread. The person in front of me was not wearing a mask. The sales secretary pointed out to me that he never wore one and that he was always very rude. I followed him. I knocked on the window to “Tell him it was mandatory to wear a mask in the shops. He insulted me, I opened the door for him to apologize. He got out of the car with a baseball bat”, says Christian Dorschner, still shocked.

“Baseball bat was in front of my face, I went back”

The man will not go so far as to meet the chosen one, who also reports to have “tried to discuss and calm down” the individual, before the latter gets into his car and stops again, a few meters further, to threaten him again. He was eventually arrested by gendarmes before being taken into police custody.

“I did not expect it. It is less and less respect, you really feel it, again expresses Christian Dorschner who complained. I’m not asking him to go to jail, but he should do community service to get him to think about his stupidity. “.

The forty, living in a neighboring village, will be tried this Thursday in immediate action by the Savers’ court.

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