The Green Monster tournament has been canceled

The Green Monster tournament has been canceled

The Green Monster tournament has been canceled

Trois-Rivières – The hope of giving a dose of vaccine to all Quebecers who want it by June 24 will allow a gradual return to normal life, but perhaps not to the desired speed. Under these circumstances, the organizing committee of the Tournoi du Monstre Vert, a flagship smaller baseball event in Quebec in July, has decided to end the 2021 edition.

President of Green Green of the West, Pierre Gélinas.

President of Green Green of the West, Pierre Gélinas.

Each year, the West Green Monster attracts nearly a hundred teams from across the province to Laviolette Park in Trois-Rivières. All players in the “mosquito” category dream of challenging the famous Green Monster, which has made the tournament famous for almost 50 years.

Now President Pierre Gélinas and his team must decide to cancel the competition for the second year in a row. We are talking about three weeks of play, almost without interruption.

“The government is sending positive signals for a gradual return to normalcy, but on our part there are too many limitations and uncertainties,” Gélinas said, admitting that the decision taken during a meeting of his council administration generated “a lot of emotion”. within his small team.

“The green monster is an event. There are many activities around, including circuit conventions and star matches. We considered that it would take us even more volunteers to enforce the sanitary measures, because we are convinced that there will always be quite strict rules this summer. It all came into play, including last-minute changes to the schedule in the event of an outbreak. There were many things to deal with. ”

The fact that many teams can come from red zones also weighs in the balance, according to Pierre Gélinas.

“What I noticed when I discussed with other presidents of major tournaments in Quebec, is that it will be difficult to get them back, these tournaments, in 2021.”

The question of sponsors is also necessary. Several of them continue to experience difficult times during a pandemic. “We still get a lot of support, including the one from the city of Trois-Rivières, which is very important to us. On the other hand, we say to ourselves that as long as we organize something, it is better to wait until 2022. “

The Green Monster will therefore skip its 49th edition to prepare for the 50s (2022), which will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Junior Eagles and the 100th anniversary of the beginning of professional baseball in Trois-Rivières.

“We want to team up with the Eagles of the Frontier League and the Junior Eagles to organize an even more impressive event for 2022, to mark the occasion of these anniversaries.”

Until then, Green Monster wants to give mosquito-level players in the region the chance to challenge its famous wall this summer.

In collaboration with Baseball Mauricie and the City, the mosquito category playoffs will take place at Laviolette Park, where the green monster will be installed.

“We want these children to at least have the opportunity to play with Green Monster, like those who came before them. We know that it will be different from the usual tournament and atmosphere, but if the sanitary measures allow it, we can add festive activities. “

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