Le futur parc de baseball serait doté d’une surface synthétique

The future baseball park would have a synthetic surface

The location of the future baseball stadium planned by the administration of the Mayor of Jerome, Mr. Stéphane Maher, has been moved slightly west to the originally planned site of the dry depot in Filion Street.

“This is exactly the goal location (see photo at Jacques-Locas Park) for the new synthetic baseball field. The site is located on two separate plots, half of the land is on the site of the Center de services scolaire de la Rivière-du-Nord (CSSDRDN) and the other (half) on the land of the city of Saint-Jérôme (dry deposit) “, Maher explained, via email.

According to the latter, the file will not be too difficult to bind.

“We are in the process of completing the negotiations with the school board (sic). It is not really an effort, because we have good relations with the latter. It will be a winning sports platform grant for our multisport park », he remembered.


The first Jerome citizen also announced in writing a likely expansion of local infrastructure on the site.

“We will also expand the Center Notre-Dame, to accommodate the necessary locker rooms and all the technical facilities necessary for the federations that will use the site.”, he added.


If Mayor Maher’s estimates please the baseball world, the Fondeurs du Nord are worried about departures for cross-country skiing routes.

“About 3 years ago, during the public consultations on the establishment of the sports district, we mentioned our concerns for the city, since our departures are behind the Center Notre-Dame. The future ball field and our departures border on. We will try to kill two birds in one stone, with possible works provided. It would be good to be able to set up a reception and wax area at the same time. A lighting of the tracks will also be commendable. As an alternative, maybe we could set up our tee boxes on the ball field ”asked Rémi Brière, director of Fondeurs du Nord.

For his part, the former president of the sports commission, Marc Bourcier, believes that the Maher administration must take action.

– It has been three times in as many years as the mayor has promised the stadium. He must deliver the goods to the young people. I collaborated on the development of the original project. It goes back several years ”, he remarked.

Same story with the current president of the sports commission, Mr. Gilles Robert.

“Smaller baseballs have to develop. It will be a great resource to have a stadium nearby, especially for the Cimes and Orioles. Parc Melançon is not young. More modern infrastructure is required, no doubt. There are several ideas to develop in this. The baseball park project was chosen, but we did not outline a specific date for the work. The priority is still to start up the multifunctional sports complex. “

Robert remembered that he had announced the baseball stadium project two years ago at the end of the year banquet for Saint-Jérôme Orioles at the Buffet des Continents.

The future baseball park would have a synthetic surface
According to Mayor Maher, the future Jerome baseball stadium will be built in Jacques-Locas Park. Photo: Capture

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