The former Great Oak baseball player is the local scout league MVP

The former Great Oak baseball player is the local scout league MVP

It has been almost 10 months since local high school and college baseball players have been able to play competitively against each other, as well as for college and Major League scouts. With COVID 19s on the rise and the pandemic slowing things down for recruitment, head on over to The Scout Ball Games LLC. This social activity is also known as the Baseball Resource Group, a nonprofit company in California whose mission is to support an opportunity for a pre-selected group of baseball players who are highly regarded in the baseball industry.

BRG’s goal is to provide optimal competition to expose players to some of Southern California’s best talent, and they just finished their first season, which was held at Lake Elsinore Diamond. Players who registered and paid the fees played against some of the top arms in the area. While pitchers met some of the best bats in a legitimate atmosphere in an actually smaller league park.

The former Great Oak baseball player is the local scout league MVP
Baseball Resource Group ends its first season with a scout ball on Lake Elsinore Diamond. Valley News / Sebring Photo

“The first season was fantastic,” said Mishael Israel, CEO of BRG. “We achieved all our goals for why we started it.”

BRG had local MLB scouts, assisted by local coaches, and coached the individual teams in six games, which were followed by the end of the season All-Star games.

“It was an excellent opportunity for scouts and coaches to share their knowledge of the game with players, scouts and coaches who became famous,” said Israel. “It was really about providing a rare opportunity to compete against some of the best upcoming and current talents in the state in a great atmosphere.”

Local players in high school and high school were evaluated by coaches and scouts and at the same time got some rehearsals to improve the game. Former Great Oak High School baseball player and current Palomar College Comets player Jonah Sebring was named the MVP for the All-Star Game, which took place on Sunday, November 1 at Diamond in Lake Elsinore.

The former Great Oak baseball player is the local scout league MVP
Jonah Sebring, a 2019 graduate from Great Oak High School, pictured here with Mishael Israel, left, CEO of Baseball Resource Group, and former Los Angeles Dodger Reggie Smith, is named MVP for the BRG All-Star Game. Valley News / Sebring Photo

“In my opinion, the BRG scout games were a complete success,” said Sebring. “There was a lot of competition, a lot of exposure, and best of all we got the opportunity to play on a beautiful field. All the hard work that culminated in getting MVP honor was great. It’s a great feeling to know that you can play your game against such high level players. ”

Sebring graduated in 2019 from Great Oak, where he was part of the CIF Division 3 Championship team. He also spent the shortened 2020 season at Palomar College.

“After I graduated, I have tried to stay in shape as best I can and continue to improve my skills as a baseball player,” said Sebring, who was selected because of his tools.

“Tools get you into the game,” Israel said. “How well you play and show your tools in the game gets you MVP.”

The next step is to continue working hard, Sebring said.

“Just because I’m starting to get noticed does not mean I’m getting better. If anything, it motivates me to work harder, ”he said.

Sebring also said that BRG’s staff and scouts gave him good advice on how he could improve his game.

“Being around people with the many years of experience they have was a blessing,” he said.

The former Great Oak baseball player is the local scout league MVP
Baseball Resource Group has local MLB scouts, assisted by local coaches, who have been running the past season. Valley News / Sebring Photo

The organization currently has plans for an instructional league in the spring of 2021.

“We will do some clinics and camps in the winter and test drives in the summer in the fall of 2021,” Israel said. “We also plan for the BRG scout ball game to be expanded with more teams and elsewhere.”

To find out more about BRG Scout Ball Games, visit Interested participants can also call 951-381-0585 or email

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