The DeWitt baseball season started strong

The DeWitt baseball season started strong

DEWITT, Mich. (WILX) – The seasons just merge in high school sports. With the winter season underway this weekend, with spring sports already underway. A local baseball team, DeWitt High School, has started a 2-and-0 start while following the new protocols.

At DeWitt High School, the trial week was reduced to two days. But the sorting time for the first matches on Wednesday faded compared to last year when there was no season.

Senior catcher Grant Uyl said: “It was definitely very tough because we were going to have a really good year, and we had a lot of good guys coming back, and we were all happy and ready to go.” Senior card stopper Julian Helmic agrees.

“Yes, that was rude,” Helmic said. “It was weird being out here in a field I haven’t seen in a couple of years.” But now the season has started, and the joy of being back on the field is something the Panthers can not stop smiling at: DeWitt started the season with a double header on Wednesday against St. Johns. And to say that the teams were interested in playing would be an understatement:

Coach Al Frankel is just happy to play again.

“Jake Parker – the coach of St. Johns – and I was just talking about how we do not even really care if we end the second game,” said Frankel. “Let’s just play until it’s dark.”

These two simple little words, “play ball”, will never be taken for granted here again. Imagine the excitement it was for these players to get out there for the first time after 2 years of absence. Playing this spring comes with a prize. Frequent testing, living a different, more careful life away from the field and masking up in dugout. But playing the first games this week was worth it.

The Panthers are back on it today and want to improve the fast start to the season.

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