the cool story of the murder of a 39-year-old man this Friday in Droixhe

the cool story of the murder of a 39-year-old man this Friday in Droixhe

Despite the sun, Saturday was not the time to take advantage of the good weather. The excitement was palpable in the streets of Hodimont (Verviers). Calls to “come down armed” were made on social media after the murder of a Chechen in Droixhe on Friday night and weighed the neighborhood like a lead. Other messages are advised to avoid Verviers at all costs.

Decide points

In all likelihood, it all started Thursday night in front of a total station located on Avenue Joseph Prévers, in Jupille. “There was a quarrel between a group of Chechens and another of the Kurds. Seeing this, the resort manager and two customers tried to calm the situation. They were beaten hard! One of them is unable to work for a month, that is, the violence of the battle. Thanks to the photos filmed by the station, three people were identified. They were deprived of their liberty on Friday and referred to the Liège prosecutor’s office on Saturday morning, “said Damien Leboutte, prosecutor for the king of the Liège division.

Friday’s violent clash is said to be the result of a settlement of points between rival bands from Verviers and Liège. At around 5.30 pm, around twenty young hooded jackets and dressed in black immobilized a black sedan. Shots are fired. “The car starts again with a bang and after traveling a few tens of meters, it collides with several other parked cars before it stops,” describes the prosecutor for the Liège division. It was there that the driver, of Chechen origin, was shot. Two other people were also injured and taken to hospital. “

28 Chechens arrested and deprived of their liberty on Île Monsin, Liège. “Vehicles were found with bullet holes. Kalashnikov-type heavy weapons were used. The police laboratory worked over the cars overnight, and since the middle of the night the hearing of the arrested is ongoing, Damien Leboutte continues.

A priori, the killer should not be among the 28 people arrested since they are all Chechens, as the victim. The investigation to find the killer promises to be particularly complicated because all the films were hooded and dressed in black. The two young adults were presented to the judge on duty while a minor was entrusted to the youth.

Clashes between the Chechens and the Kurds took place in Hodimont a few days before the events in Droixhe. “We do not know if this has a connection or not, but among the Chechens who were arrested on Friday on Monsin Island, someone came from Verviers,” adds Damien Leboutte.

On Saturday, local authorities, who feared a violent retaliation, had taken action. Finally, no incident was recorded.

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