The Cleveland team will give up their name as Indians, considered racist

The Cleveland team will give up their name as Indians, considered racist

The Cleveland team will give up their name as Indians, considered racist

Cleveland, a Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise, will no longer bear the name of the Indians, considered racist by American influential groups.

Francisco Lindor

Francisco Lindor

The team to MLB of Cleveland Indians will drop his name, considered racist by several groups of Indians in the country, according to US media on Sunday. Known by this name for over a century, after adopting it in 1915, the Indians had for several years come under pressure from Ameridian influence groups to abandon their name, without success so far.

The franchise had decided to release its logo representing Chief Wahoo, a stereotypical caricature of Indians, in response to criticism, before finally announcing that it had begun a thorough study of his name.

Washington had abandoned the name of the Redskins

According to New York Times, the team was to announce a name change during the week, without specifying whether this change would be accompanied by the presentation of the new identity of the club. The Cleveland Indians are the latest professional team to shed their Native American image, following a similar change from Washington’s American football team, which dropped its Redskins name earlier this year (Redskins), for the same reasons.

The team was founded in 1900 and started as the Cleveland Lake Shores, before adopting the name Blues a year later and the Naps, referring to one of their historic stars, Napoleon “Nap” Lajoie, in 1902. They were the world series winners, the MLB Finals, twice, in 1920 and 1948.

Trump Condemns “Interrupt Culture”

The announcement comes in the context of tensions over names and collective memory, under the influence of a movement called “Interrupt Culture” which aims to remove the presence in the public space of controversial characters, and start with them. former Southern officers during the Civil War.

On Twitter, outgoing President Donald Trump did not hesitate to point the finger at this movement, and also estimates on Twitter on Sunday “that it is not good news, even for the ‘Indians’.”. Three professional clubs still bear a name related to Indians: the Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Club, the Atlanta Braves Baseball Club and the Kansas City Chiefs American Football Club.

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