Le club de baseball de Clermont-Ferrand évolue cette saison au plus haut niveau national

The Clermont-Ferrand baseball club is playing at the highest national level this season

Definitely, Clermont-Ferrand is a great sports town. The teams that wet the Clermont jersey at the highest level are many. It is of course ASM Clermont Auvergne and ASM Romagnat in men’s and women’s rugby, Clermont Foot who have just reached Ligue 1 or even the volleyball players in Chamalières in Ligue A. But so is the club. Baseball in the city ?!

Because yes, Clermont-Ferrand has a team of this very popular game across the Atlantic. Gloves, bats and hats have even been found at the foot of volcanoes for almost thirty years.

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A club often in the elite

It all started in 1992 with a group of friends who wanted to create a structure here. In 2008, the club reached the Elite Championship for the first time, ”says Baptise Izoulet, a former player and new president of BSCC, enthusiastically.

Since then, Arvernes has experienced ups and downs throughout the seasons. But in 2021, they are very present in Division 1 and imbued with ambitions.

“Usually the championship starts in April. It’s modeled on the American calendar, and it’s a summer game. But with the health crisis, competition begins in June. However, it will end as usual in October “

Baptiste Izoulet (Club President)

The senior 1 team, which will fight to stay at the best level, consists of players who have been trained at the club, but also of four foreigners who wanted to experience the French championship.

“We have Cubans, Brazilians, Americans and Japanese. Also, if the American championship is the best in the world, it is the Japanese national team that has the best results at the international level, “explains Baptiste Izoulet.

These short-term foreign recruitments (these players will only stay in Auvergne for three months) are solutions to strengthen the club, but internal training is also very elaborate.

We have a total of more than 130 members with different categories from the age of 6, girls and boys. We want to recruit and especially revitalize our softball team

. We also have awareness-raising assignments in the schools with Usep to make this sport and our club known to the youngest, the president of Arvernes explains. premium

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Arvernes recruits new players

For those who want to get started, ”there should be no fear. It is a sport that offers many technical qualities and psychomotor skills. It helps to improve dexterity and humility, says Baptiste Izoulet.

If you want a taste before you run on the diamond (the name of the baseball field), you can go and cheer on team 1 at the “Opening Day” which will be held on June 20 at the stadium. des Cézeaux from 11.00 (with respect to the sanitary protocol).

For this first home game, BSCC will face La Rochelle.

Variation of baseball with, among other things, larger balls and a different throwing method.
It is possible to register now for BSCC (two free exercises to try baseball or softball). License from 80 euros



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