The best and worst.  Within an hour.

The best and worst. Within an hour.

I like baseball. So much so that we at home have a rule.

Alexandre prattAlexandre pratt

After 10 pm I can no longer talk about it.

“Yes, but honey, the rays …

– What time is it ?

– 22:20

-Tomorrow. ”

Wednesday morning I opened my eyes at 05.00. Can’t wait for her to wake up and tell him about the last match in the World Series. A moment of anthology. A part that our grandchildren will talk about in half a century.

For the best. But maybe even for the worse.

* * *

First the best.

Jet starter Blake Snell. His start was the most sublime of the last 50 world series. Am I exaggerating? Not at all. His quick twitches. Its a bit of a curve. Dodgers, powerless, cut through the air. After four rounds, Snell had already struck out nine strokes. Unheard of since the great Sandy Koufax, in 1963.

A master class.

In the sixth round, the Rays led 1-0. Snell was in control. Mookie Betts, Corey Seager and Justin Turner – three big hitters – came to strike. Pfff. Nothing to scare him. He had just pulled them out of the hold. Twice each.

Its leader, Kevin Cash, came out of the Rays’ shelter. He asked her for the ball.

Blake, it’s over.

The best and worst. Within an hour.


Pitcher Blake Snell leaves the game in the sixth inning.

Major League Baseball tweets.

“F * ck,” Snell shouted as he walked back to the locker room. His cry ran from Montauk to Vladivostok. Even my boyfriend jumped.

“Alex, did you hear anything?

– Yes. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. ”

She fell asleep again.

Kevin Cash pulled Blake Snell out of the game after just 73 shots as he feared the Dodgers’ third round. The advanced statistics – which Rays strongly trusts – show that a pitcher loses efficiency under these circumstances.

Except for Tuesday night, Snell was in exceptional shape. Outside the statistical margin of error. Algorithms are good. But a leader must also trust his instincts, and recognize a revelation when he sees one.

What Kevin Cash did not do.

“Who will remove the coach from the match?” Asked Mets crutches Noah Syndergaard. “The worst decision I’ve seen in any world series,” said Alex Rodriguez. Brewers star Christian Yelich was speechless. So he released a short animation.

A man who destroys a computer …

* * *

The following?

Just the way you imagine it. The algorithm’s favorite starters are torn. The Dodgers won the match, 3-1. And the world series. The players threw away their gloves, the caps. They grouped around the mound. Always a touching moment. Even more this year.

Then they took the traditional team photo.

On who was an intruder.

Their third baseman, Justin Turner.

The best and worst. Within an hour.


Justin Turner, contagious, along with his manager Dave Roberts and the trophy. Without protection.

What I have not told us yet is that in the eighth round something very strange happened. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts kicked Turner out of the game. Without explanation. A great decision.

Turner is one of the team’s best hitters – four doubles, two home races in the World Series. And it was not a substitute for improving the defense. His replacement, Edwin Rios, has only played 26 games for third base in the major leagues.

What happened ?

On Monday, the players were tested for the virus. Tuesday night, at the first pitch, the results were still unknown. In the seventh round, the Major League contacted the Baseball Dodgers.

Justin Turner? Positive.

The Dodgers followed the protocol. They took Justin Turner out of the game and isolated him in the locker room. Except after the last retreat, Turner sent everyone to graze. Dodgers. Security guards. The leaders of major league baseball.

I’m not surprised. Some professional athletes, covered by privileges since their teens, can be very crazy, contemptuous and disgusting when upset.

Justin Turner, infected and contagious, joined his teammates on the field. He embraced them. He carried the trophy with his bare hands. For the picture, he removed his mask and went to sit half a garden from Dave Roberts. A cancer survivor …

“While the desire to celebrate is understandable, Turner’s decision to break the isolation and go on the field was wrong,” said Major League Baseball. He threatened everyone he came in contact with. When great baseball security [lui en a parlé], Turner categorically refused to comply. ”

Turner’s reaction? “I feel good. I have no symptoms. […] I can not believe I could not celebrate with my teammates. ”

Still, Turner celebrated. For at least 15 minutes. And yes, he had a choice. I remind you that he is not the first or the last person to be deprived of a valuable moment by the virus. Millions of people have canceled or postponed a wedding, a trip, a gathering, starting a business, studying abroad. This spring, some fathers missed the birth of their child. People have missed the last moments of a loved one.

These people sacrificed.

Justin Turner failed to do so.

He preferred neglect.


Let’s hope that his irresponsible behavior does not have serious consequences for teammates. On his coaches. On the officials. On cameramen. On their family members. Hopefully, none of these people will be one of the 700 daily victims of the virus in the United States.

Otherwise, in 50 years, we will not be talking about this great world series for the companies of Blake Snell, Mookie Betts, Corey Seager or Clayton Kershaw.

We just want to remember Justin Turner’s selfish gesture.

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