Talense: a man stabbed and beaten with a bat

Talense: a man stabbed and beaten with a bat

A 19-year-old man was the victim of a knife and bat attack on the night of Monday 22 to Tuesday 23 November in Talence (Gironde). His vital prognosis was involved during the transport to the hospital.

Two stab wounds to the thorax and armpit, one face disfigured with a baseball bat and broken fingers … Here are the wounds that were observed on the victim’s body at Pellegrin Hospital in Bordeaux, according to a source close to the investigation passed on by News17.

On the run from the attackers night from Monday to Tuesday, the young man entered a building in rue Salvador-Allende in Talence to seek refuge there. One of the residents in the building notified the emergency services and the police at 12.30.

We do not yet know the exact circumstances surrounding the attack in one

An investigation into attempted murder was opened and handed over to the criminal brigade in the direction of the Justice Police (DZPJ).

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