Steve Kerr is not a fan of series matches against the same opponent

Steve Kerr is not a fan of series matches against the same opponent

To limit travel and also be able to condense the calendar, the NBA has decided to draw inspiration from baseball by planning series of matches between the same teams over 48 hours or 72 hours, or even 24 hours. So we have a lot of teams going against each other twice in a row, which is completely unusual in the league, and which gives weird things (like in the playoffs by the way), like when the Bucks beat the Heat by 47 points earlier. to bend two days later.

Steve kerr, if the Warriors have played twice Blazers This weekend, for a win and a loss, is not too much of a fan.

“I do not think the fans will see the same team against each other. I think I prefer to see them every few months. The teams change. Seeing us now compared to 3 months from now is completely different. That’s the fun side for fans. You see the team evolve. Kerr

To see if the league, which is constantly seeking to reduce travel, will adopt this for next season, when the fans are without a doubt back. Not sure, and we can even doubt it, probably for the reasons mentioned by Steve Kerr.

“If I were a fan who came in the first game against Portland, I probably would have wanted to see someone else the night after. I think we always had to think about the fans when we set up the schedule. Kerr

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