Gloves Softball Gloves Simplified: Top 5 Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Softball Gloves Simplified: Top 5 Fastpitch Softball Gloves

It’s not just about the size of the softball or for that matter the technique of your pitch, there are hundred other reasons why one could choose a Fastpitch play instead of slowpitch. Fastpitch players always the need the highest quality softball gear, owing to the high wear and tear, necessity of comfort and high deliverables compared to any other genre of play. Over years marketers have come up with a myth that specialization in Softball gloves is nothing but a marketing gimmick but that’s not true. If you look at a USSSA slowpitch softball glove and requisite features it demands; they fall in an altogether different league compared to any fastpitch outfielder. The grain quality, laces, patch depth, cushioning, mesh design and lot of other features are considered while choosing the Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves.

After due consideration we’ve come up with the prefect list of the Top 5 Fastpitch Softball Gloves and Mitts. Go ahead and take your pick from our mid year review.

Wilson A2000 V125 SuperSkin Fastpitch Glove

Does your softball glove weighs your palm down because it’s meant to be sturdy? Wilson figured it out and with the patented Superskin technology they use the Pro-Stock Leather to tackle this issue.

D-Fusion pocket model makes space for a wide no sting catch zone which means arresting the momentum of the ball is no longer a problem. Wilson pays special attention to its Welting process and Cushioning so that it’s easier to break the glove than others. Choose this one for technical comfort and advantage of glove material.

Mizuno Prospect Youth Fastpitch Softball Catcher’s Mitt: GXS101

With the Pigskin full grain Mizuno works out the durability part where most Fastpitch gloves fail to comply. They have their own Power Shock™ Technology for relaxing the impact force for catching comfort. It uses ButterSoft Palm PU Lining for more relaxed fit and a parashock palm pad with suitable meshing for protection from stings of catch impulse. The high end velcro fit also helps player to adjust well to the glove at all times. Pick this one for every technical aid that you might need as a fastpitch player.

Franklin Sports Fastpitch Series Lightweight Softball Glove, 12-Inch

This 12 inch Fastpitch softball glove set is not there to fool around and it makes sure that the redundant features are not emphasized over. The rawhide straps and laces make this the lightest Fastpitch Glove in the list, but it never compromises with the quality of the glove. Franklin also recently revamped its line in conformance with latest USSSA rules and NSA guidelines which makes it a fool-proof option for any serious player as well. It catches well, is lightweight, and fits well; that’s all what a fast pitcher wants.

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Glove Series

Specially designed for female players but equally efficient for male players as well. It’s a 13 inch fastpitch baseball which provides for Pro-H web and bull strap for wider catch area and better fit. It’s got an Oil Treated Leather shell for lasting usage, and the index finger pads are the best part which make these gloves most safest from the list we’ve featured. Takes no time to break in right from the first usage and can be used almost by any position player. Mostly used by outfielders, our testers used it for infield drills as well and found it perfect for usage. Choose it for the safest pick it is and the durability it offers.

Easton Synergy Elite Fastpitch Series Glove

The ergonomics that has gone into making this product is simply awesome. This is the only glove that has been checked for aerodynamic ease, muscle pressure and skin reactivity to the glove material. The sweaty palms of a catcher are generally a concern for reactive skins. For a fastpitch glove it’s got a VRS shock absorption padding which sports a unified/single piece shell and palm pad cushioning. The 12 inch sizing with extended palm support also plays well for optimized fit. Practice in this glove and you’ll feel every game’s a cakewalk. Choose this for the best fit and best hygiene fastpitch glove features.


The only thing that you need be careful is, even though many manufacturers would claim some of them have features common for both Slow Pitch and Fastpitch which renders the Fastpitch gloves incapable of scooping balls from the dirt and throwing them at the requisite speed. Choose wisely and analyse all features by comparing between atleast two to three variants.

It all depends on the kind of player you are, a close web is general choice of an outfielder who catches pop ups by blocking the sun rays for better feedback. An open web is best for great throws, as they cut through the air easily.

If you’re a fast pitcher, you’ve already decided that you’re up for facing 90mph of 12 inches coming right at your face. Choose your gloves wisely, a serious player is not only defined by the kind of game played but the kind of concern that he/she has for upgrading continuously. Keep watching this space for more reviews which would help you do exactly that.

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