News American baseball hit by cheating scandal, controversy

American baseball hit by cheating scandal, controversy

The case broke out after the 2019 season of MLB, the North American baseball league, ended. The Houston Astros – one of the best teams at the moment – were guilty of cheating, especially in the title acquired in 2017, the only one in franchise history.

Astros has actually installed a camera system that allows you to observe the signals exchanged between the pitcher and the opposite switch. These signals indicated the type of ball to be thrown. A screen on the test bench informed the Astros about the upcoming cast, and to warn their drummer, the latter used a trash can by hitting the lid several times, and the sound indicated that the cast was coming.

The penalties are considered light

In mid-January, Major League Baseball was fined Houston $ 5 million, the highest by regulation. CEO Jeff Lunhow and trainer AJ Hinch were suspended for one year. The latter two were immediately terminated by the Houston owner. The franchise also lost the first and second draft rounds for 2020 and 2021. But not the title, creating a huge controversy in the United States.

LeBron James gets involved

At the beginning of the week, Los Angeles star Lakers Lebron James thus positioned himself firmly on social networks. “Look, I know I’m not playing baseball, but I’m into sports and I know about …


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