Smaller baseball starts again with caution

Smaller baseball starts again with caution

Care is needed at the start of the minor baseball season in Quebec.

Normally, most of the province’s baseball teams would be in training camp and play in the gym due to unsafe weather this part of the year.

Pandemic commits, certain formations try the experiment outside, as is the case for the teams in the Capitale-Nationale region.

Risk of injury

Usually there are always more injuries at the start of the season for professionals. On the other hand, in 2020, this phenomenon was observed throughout the abbreviated calendar of major baseball.

Here in Quebec, some coaches wonder if we will see an increase in injuries among young people since the season would certainly be different than previous years.

Opinions about the question of whether the coaches met are mixed.

“We have to measure the intensity, we measure the volume, but also the psychological aspect, the feelings of the young person who has been arrested for a long time. All he wants is to throw the ball as hard as he can, for as long as possible, ”said Dominik Walsh, baseball sports study coordinator for Canonniers de Québec.

Remember that young people had to stop their favorite sport for several months due to the pandemic.

“In my observation in general, the players are injured more than before, it hurts more in the arms than before, there is more leadership. Of course, young people in general should be a little smaller in shape than usual. So the first thing you need to do in training camp is bring physical fitness back to an acceptable base, ”observes Marc-Antoine Bérubé, coach at the Canadian Baseball Academy.

The key word for these baseball coaches is to take the time to avoid injuring young people. A situation that will not be easy since many young players want to play games with their friends as soon as possible.

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