News Sherbrooke will reunite with junior baseball team in 2021...

Sherbrooke will reunite with junior baseball team in 2021 – SPORTS – Rgionaux –

Vincent Laroche, former president of Baseball Sherbrooke, will secure the return of a junior baseball team to Sherbrooke next summer.

Mr. Laroche said he was ready to take on the new tasks of leading and managing a junior caliber team, after a year of rest that proved to coincide with the closure of several activity sectors due to the pandemic: “It’s a big challenge, he emphasizes.

Baseball in the eastern districts

The relevance of such a team in Sherbrooke is reflected in the growing presence of baseball in Estrie: “There is also a continuity for the players. We still have a good team at the senior level, Sherbrooke Expos, and it takes over for that team. », Specifies the new CEO. According to Baseball Quebec figures, 20,000 registrations were registered in 2010; in 2018, there were rather 36,000 registrations, almost double the number 10 years ago.

However, junior baseball had disappeared in Sherbrooke for the past two years, especially due to a lack of players. Depending on the year of birth, the children often come in groups, or are sometimes encouraged – when they excel – to play in a higher caliber. When
[j’étais l’entraîneur du] Dwarf AA three years ago I had a team of mostly 1time year [dans le calibre midget]”, Explains Mr. Laroche, who has worked at Baseball Sherbrooke for a little over 4 years.

Build a team with players, but also coaches

However, he hopes to form a solid team of athletes from Sherbrooke and the surrounding areas. The absence of a junior team in Drummondville and Victoriaville also suggests that a complete formation will be established: “We will try to find a strategy for the other associations to talk about it,” he explains.

At the moment, although it is difficult to portray the interest of young people in such a team, Mr. Laroche already sees a certain enthusiasm through a survey published on the Facebook page of Baseball. Sherbrooke. Depending on the league the team is going to play in, the CEO should have an idea of ​​his list around February. He also emphasized the importance of the transparency that will qualify the choice of coaches: “We can have someone, somewhere, who wants it. coach and which we do not know. “

The junior team usually has to hold its matches at the Stade Amédée-Roy. The caliber of the formations – AA or BB – will be determined according to the players who are registered.

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