Scandal of high-tech cheat in American baseball

Scandal of high-tech cheat in American baseball

The Boston Red Sox team, September 5th.
The Boston Red Sox team, September 5th. Bob DeChiara / USA Today Sports

The American baseball league has determined, after an internal investigation, that the Boston Red Sox team has put in place an elaborate system of cheating to film and broadcast to its players the secret signals used by their opponents, reveals the New York Times. In practice, members of the team filmed the gestures of the pitchers of the opposing team, before transmitting them, with Apple watches, to the players of the Red Sox.

In baseball, the pitcher and the receiver of the same team use signals to communicate on the type of throw that will take place – without the knowledge of the opposing batter, who has a considerable advantage if he knows advance the planned throw.

The internal investigation was able to confirm, through videos, that a Red Sox coach had several times read his connected watch before sending messages to his team. The use of electronic devices is prohibited on baseball fields, especially to prevent cheating or the transmission of information.

The technique was discovered following a complaint by the New York Yankees, after a match between the two teams. The Red Sox have admitted to using connected watches to communicate on opposing signals, but they immediately filed a lawsuit against the Yankees, whom they accused of using a camera to spy on signals from Boston players. This second complaint is under investigation.

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