Rutgers baseball heads to Maryland for four-game series

Rutgers baseball heads to Maryland for four-game series

Rutger’s baseball team travels to College Park this weekend to play a four-game series against Big Ten opponent, Maryland.

The Scarlet Knights (2-2, 2-2) will look to keep the bats warm this weekend after splitting both two-game series against Indiana and Minnesota, which saw the Rutgers beat eight home races in just four games.

Knights will look like a second-year infielder Chris Brito and redshirt beginner Evan sleight to recreate that success. During the series, Brito went 4-12 with two home runs and had 6 RBIs while Sleight who debuted, went 3-10 with a grand slam as his first collegiate hit.

On the mound, Rutgers will have his three most important starting pitchers junior Harry rutkowski, educated student Ben wereski and educated student Brent Teller. Rutkowski and Wereski both went six rounds in their season opener with five or more strikes in the outing.

The Knights are still looking for their fourth starter. In his last outing, right-handed boxes Jayson prayers and Ben gorski gave up four plus races in each round of work. Each has a fastball and cracking the ball that can make them important arms for the team.

Main baseball coach Steven owns could also turn to fifth-year senior left-handed pitcher Tevin murray who has experience in the tournament that started in 2019, started 12 games for the Knights.

Terrapins (1-3, 1-3) will seek to have a better weekend than the previous one. They went 1-3 against Michigan State, but had some important performances from records that could prove to be a challenge for Rutgers.

On the mound, Maryland will look toward Sean Burke, Connor staine and Jason savacool. In his freshman year, Burke hit one 1.99 ERA about four starts. In his first collegiate game, Savacool threw a complete game against the Spartans (3-1, 3-1) while giving up two races with Staine as threw six rounds of one-run ball with nine strikes.

On the plate, the Terrapins bats have hardly matched the Knights’ 28 races with only eight own, having one team batting average of .200.

Before Friday’s match, Owens had a few words about last week’s performance there Rutgers lost to Golden Gophers (1-3, 1-3) 13-8.

“You can’t win giving up nine races in the first two laps,” Owens said so. “We didn’t hit well in the beginning, and it’s a tough hole to dig out of … There were a lot of things to build on this weekend, other things to fix. We’ll come home and get ready for Maryland next weekend.”

The first course is scheduled for Friday at Bob “Turtle” Smith Stadium in College Park, Maryland.

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