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Baseball: a passion even more than a sport

The baseball is a team sports where in performance individual being observed and appreciated. It is specially developed in the USA where it is practiced from an early age and where players can become professionals. The baseball rest in France reserved for an audience of initiates, who just want to convince as many people as possible about the intensity of this sport.

Founded in Paris by the former players, DIAMSPORTS is the essential specialist in Baseball, unique and exciting sport.

Baseball is a sport that requires little but quality equipment

The baseball requires one equipment quality to optimize performance individual, be it bat, den ball where in glove. So baseball requires to have bullets adapted to the game level, leather for competition, i synthetic more resistant totraining, or even a little more flexible for start and practice while we are young.

Likewise, the player must select a bat corresponds to its size, its morphology, its practice, its taste: a three bats, a aluminum bat or a compound bats… DIAMSPORTS offers you a wide range of length, av diameter and off weight varied, for adults and for children.

The baseball glove must be short (up to 12 “) to play inInnmark (infield) or longer to play inUtmark (outer field). ONE baseball glove is made to catch the ball, without hitting the hand. ONE baseball glove must be made in resistant leather. According to purists, this leather is best when it is stiff at the time of purchase, softened by repeated training, and finally ready at the time of combat. Today, manufacturers also offer gloves “ready to play“(softened from the factory).

DIAMSPORTS offers gloves right-handed or for left-handed, gloves Innmark or Utmark, gloves first base and mittens to receiver, gloves to adult and gloves to children, all of the best quality possible for price.

Of course, it player must also wear shoe adapted and efficient, especially for running a “home race”, this winning race, hectic and short, with three right angles, without slipping. DIAMSPORTS offers you metal “spikes” or someone molded soles, when it suits you.

And since it is better to wear protection, especially against loose balls, DIAMSPORTS also offers helmet, shell, elbow, “sliding pants”, leggings, chest plates… for drummers, receivers or judges!


DIAMSPORTS gives you efficient delivery. Also make use of one secure online payment and a service by quality.

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