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Robin Roy: an emigrated baseball player for 30 years ...
Robin Roy: an emigrated baseball player for 30 years ...

Robin Roy: an emigrated baseball player for 30 years …

In the early 1990’s, Quebecer Robin Roy thought he would travel to France for about six months to play baseball, but 30 years later he still lives there.

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“I have a somewhat unexpected career thanks to baseball,” the man from Blainville admitted in an interview. If it had not been for baseball, I would not have been through all this. ”

At 52 years old, the former jug ​​has not gone viral for several years. However, he still lives in the Rouen region, where it has rained and shone, as a player or manager (sometimes both at the same time) in the Huskies kit.

“He is our Zidane,” Huskies president Xavier Rolland said, referring to the famous French footballer.

Roy in particular saw that number 21 was withdrawn by the Huskies’ organization, in 2004, when he took what was his first retirement as a player. However, the Quebecer, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer in August 2007, returned to emotional play afterwards after examinations ended in complete remission.

“It’s a big challenge, as a 40-year-old, to get back to baseball, and there was a lot of emotion after what I had been through,” said Roy.

Success with the Canadian team

If his memories of baseball are innumerable in France, with several Huskies championships and many appearances in the European Cup, Quebecer willingly looks back on his past in North America when he was very young.

“I have fond memories of the 1987 Junior World Championships in Windsor [Ontario]. I was on the Canadian team when we won the bronze medal, Roy remembers. Maybe my career highlight was getting Fred McGriff and Tony Fernandez out on the bat in a preseason match between the junior team and the Toronto Blue Jays. This match took place in Regina at the Saskatchewan Roughriders football stadium. ”

Roy, who also attended the renowned Chipola College in Florida, hoped to one day reach major league baseball. However, some injuries thwarted his plans.

“When I went to France in 1991, I was challenged to think about studies and work,” he explained. I wanted to have a human experience that allowed me to continue playing baseball. I immediately felt good in France, and that’s how I decided to come back the following year, in 1992, never to go again … I lived a little in chess and galley in France, but there has been good development in baseball over the years. ”

Roy took an active part in it by getting involved in the French baseball association.

His son with the Mariners

On a personal level, Roy has four children: Alexandre (26 years), Quentin (21 years), Antoine (14 years) without forgetting the youngest Mattis (4 years), from a second marriage. A sign that French baseball has experienced some progress, the elder Alexandre spent three years in the subsidiaries of the Seattle Mariners, from 2012 to 2014, after being recruited during a camp organized by the baseball major in Italy.

“Sometimes we say to ourselves that we did a little opposite way him and me,” emphasizes the father and laughs. Today I am the operations director for the store chain Action, which is somewhat similar to Dollarama in Europe. If I had been told 30 years ago that I would live in France and earn a living in a Dutch company, I would not have believed it. “


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