Reims is developing two baseball fields

Reims is developing two baseball fields

Since October 5, the city of Reims has developed two fields for the Reims Champagne Baseball Club in Les Églantines.

At Eglantines, a site that hosts the largest number of football pitches in Reims, the city is setting up a first baseball field exclusively in clay, as in the United States, for older men and women from a field from 1988 that combined grasslands and mowed land.

At a distance of 20 meters, she built a second baseball field, clay and grass this time, for juniors, women and men.

The development operation, delayed by a few months of containment, covers a plot of 1823 m², includes the planting of 300 m² of grass and has a total budget of 147,000 €.

The clubs have entrusted the approved plastic supports to “batting boxes”, “bases” and “pitcher’s mounds”.

This unique project will end in November.

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