Provocations against Cuban baseball players in Florida, USA

baseballActivists this weekend condemned on social media plans from the anti-Cuban ultra-right in Florida to sabotage the pre-Olympic baseball tournament (which takes place in West Palm Beach) and attack baseball players in the national team of the Caribbean country during the event.

Under the name Guerrero Cubano, a person quoted on his YouTube account international journalists covering the sporting event, who told him that they were concerned about the growing threats of abuse that local politicians had incited Cuban athletes.

She called on the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), as well as other federal and state agencies in Florida, to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of Cuban athletes.

The complaint cites junk elements that from their social media accounts encouraged their supporters to attend Monday’s match at West Palm Beach Stadium to harass members of the Caribbean national team.

In this regard, Guerrero Cubano reported that these people are exposing thinly veiled threats against the organizers, stadium owners, city authorities and therefore will create problems today during the meeting between Cuba and Venezuela.

“This conversation is a huge blow to freedoms of all kinds against Cuban athletes, backed by a group of ultra-right-wing politicians in the state of Florida, who are hated and abused by those who want to take over our country,” Guerrero Cubano said.

Cuba will make its debut on Monday 31 May against Venezuela in this qualifying tournament, which gives the winner a direct classification ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Games. / PL

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