A man assaulted two strangers on Saturday and later attempted to light himself and officers on fire, Parowan police said.

Police: Man attacked car with baseball bat and then set fire to shed and critically injured himself

A man assaulted two strangers on Saturday and later tried to set himself and officers on fire, Parowan police said. (Shutterstock)

PAROWAN, Iron County – A man is in critical condition after he allegedly attacked two strangers and later extinguished himself and reacted officers in gasoline on Saturday, Parowan police said.

Parowan police and Iron County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a aggravated assault near the 600 West block on Center Street. Police said the man ran into the street in front of a car and forced a vehicle to stop. They said he then started hitting the body of the car, the windshield and two side windows with a baseball ball.

The broken glass from the assault damaged the two passengers in the vehicle, it is stated in the release. The two residents were able to leave and get to safety.

It was reported by a spectator that the man also left the place and went into an apartment. Officers responded immediately on the spot to set up a containment.

The officers tried to contact the man, but could not get an answer. After the police received a search warrant to enter the home, they once again tried to contact the man.

When he did not answer, police officers entered the home to find it empty. The police then searched the property where they found the man in a wooden shed in the backyard where they ordered him to surrender, it is stated in the publication.

The man verbally refused and began pouring petrol on himself and the ground inside the shed, police say. The police ordered the man to surrender, and he refused again. Two officers tried to open the shed door before the man could injure himself, but he started pouring gas on the doorway and the officers, the release states.

The officers then withdrew from the shed when the man tried to light the petrol with a lighter, it is stated in the release. As the two officers backed away, flames could be seen coming from inside the shed and officers began to find water hoses and fire extinguishers.

A moment after the fire started, the man came out of the shed and fell to the ground, according to police. The officers began to give the man medical help until the ambulance arrived.

The man was transported to Cedar City Hospital in critical condition. The two passengers in the car also received treatment for the injuries sustained in the attack, according to the report.

An investigation into what led to the incident is ongoing. The man’s identity was not disclosed.

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