Pitcher David Gauthier charts his own path

Pitcher David Gauthier charts his own path

Like a curved ball that mystifies a batter, Quebec pitcher David Gauthier has followed a certain path, and the next step for him will be independent baseball.

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Gauthier, 23, recently signed a deal with the Aigles de Trois-Rivières in the Frontier League. He should therefore make his debut in a professional circle this summer, without abandoning the desire to eventually join a smaller league organization affiliated with a large baseball club.

“As long as I have a left arm attached to my body, I will continue to play baseball and dream of reaching the highest possible level,” illustrated it as you guessed it, is a left-handed jar.

Originally from Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Gauthier attended Webber International University in Florida almost a year ago. However, the Quebec shooter could not appear in the prestigious NAIA division, within the NCAA, when it was decided that he was not qualified to play. He would have had to complete two extra sessions at Cégep.

“Of course it was not easy,” said Gauthier, about this dismissal. I had trained hard to play at university level. ”

Late development

The Quebec pitcher previously left his mark on the Trojans at Trinidad State College, Colo., Where he maintained a 9-0 record and a 2.09 deserved running average in his second and final season there, in 2017-2018.

It was in Colorado, with coach Matthew Torrez, that Gauthier realized his true potential. By his own admission, the Quebecer may not have had the best work ethic before that either.

“I developed late,” summed up the man who also wore the colors of the Guerriers de Granby, in the elite junior baseball league in Quebec, for five seasons. When I started in junior, I weighed 150 kilos with stones in my pockets. I have grown and put on weight. Today I weigh 190 pounds and definitely have more power. I feel stronger. ”

In the eyes of Matthew Rusch

After Torrez, Gauthier will play on orders from another Matthew for the Eagles.

“David is a left-handed pitcher with great potential,” said manager Matthew Rusch in the Eagles’ press release announcing the appointment of Gauthier. He has a fast ball that reaches 88 miles per hour and a large repertoire of shots. “

Oddly enough, Rusch got to know Gauthier a little better last summer when the two met in Quebec Major League Baseball. Rusch, then a player coach for the Shawinigan club, met Gauthier and Acton Vale Castors in particular in the semi-finals of the playoffs. Castors then lost the series, but Gauthier took the opportunity to show himself by signing a victory and increasing the strikes.

“It must not have hurt,” Gauthier admitted. When I went to do my test for the Eagles on December 29 in Trois-Rivières, Matthew (Rusch) told me that he liked what he saw of me. Honestly, I think I have the “stuff” to do well with the Eagles. I have four or five shots that I can use at any time without worrying about missing the mark. ”

Rusch intends to use Gauthier as a starting pitcher for the Eagles, but it is not impossible that the left-hander is sometimes sent into the scrum in relief and even to the first pillow on defense or as a hitter.

“Wherever I am asked to play, I will do it,” Gauthier promised.

In addition to David Gauthier, Trois-Rivières Aigles has two other Quebecers so far in their lineup for next season, outfielder Raphaël Gladu and right-handed pitcher Sam Belisle-Springer.

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