Junior baseball: Pierre Beaulieu head coach of Industries Desjardins

Junior baseball: Pierre Beaulieu head coach of Industries Desjardins

Pierre Beaulieu has several years of experience as a bantam, dwarf and junior coach, both in hockey and baseball. For the past two years he has been the assistant coach of the Riverains du Bas-Saint-Laurent, a dwarf AAA team based in Rivière-du-Loup.

“It is an important responsibility as head coach, but my experience tells me that I am able to meet the challenge,” he said.

The seriousness of the organization and the need to give the region a team at junior level immediately convinced him when he was contacted by the young organization of Industries Desjardins. All too often, Pierre Beaulieu was able to see the shortcomings of young players in the region moving to the senior level: lack of playing time, lack of sufficient caliber to have a significant impact on the pitch.

“It takes something between dwarf and older for our boys between 17 and 23 years who will continue to develop as a player. Junior, that’s what it’s going to bring. In the end, more of them will continue, and it will be good for our local senior teams in the long term, “he continues.

His time at Dwarf AAA in recent years has made it possible for Pierre Beaulieu to anticipate a rather interesting playing caliber within the LBMQ teams in East Quebec. The Trois-Pistoles and Rimouski already have a game history in their honor that it is enviable, and caliber-dwarf AAA players could potentially join the ranks of these teams this season.

Locally, around fifteen players can make up the first lineup of Industries Desjardins. However, “discussions” must take place with the dwarf and senior teams in the territory regarding the seasonal calendar and the interest shown for certain players who may be coveted by one or the other of the calibers. If the stars are well-organized, Pierre Beaulieu believes that the supporters of the region will have the right to a competitive and caliber team to meet the league sets.

“What we have felt for some years in Kamouraska is that the tower baffles that were a legion in the sport before, are a thing of the past. “More and more, it is the region’s interest that takes precedence, and that is good for our players, fans and sponsors,” said the head coach, confident.

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