Peters Township Baseball Association gets approval for two new fields in Venetia Park |  Local news

Peters Township Baseball Association gets approval for two new fields in Venetia Park | Local news

A request from the Peters Township Baseball Association to convert an unused athletic field into a pair of baseball courts has been approved.

On December 21, the city council voted unanimously to allow the project, which is to be paid for in full by the association, to continue at Venetia Park. The new fields will be used by players aged 5 to 8 in T-ball and Pinto leagues.

Ryan Jeroski, assistant township manager, said the association has been working with park and recreation director Michele Harmel to identify potential new fields after losing access to one at Pleasant Valley Elementary School that was turned into synthetic grass.

“They have identified this grassland formerly used by the Peters Township Soccer Association in Venetia Park as an ideal location,” Jeroski told the council, explaining the arena for football games has moved to newer artificial turf pitches at Peterswood Park.

As for the association’s initiative, “the project had to be designed according to city standards and had to be built through the city’s bidding process,” he said.

In November, the city’s parks and recreation board voted to recommend the council’s approval of the project.

“Once the bids for the project have been received, reviewed by us and a decision has been made to proceed, we will pay the township in advance before entering into a contract,” Mark Williams, baseball association president, wrote to township manager Paul Lauer. “If the project ends up exceeding our available budget, we may have to postpone or cancel it, but it is a risk we are willing to take.”

According to Harmel, a cost estimate has been given for the project’s design by Mackin Engineers and Consultants, a frequent partner in the district. The project will not affect improvements related to the federal American with the Disability Act that is planned to be implemented in 2021 in Venetia Park.

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